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264getting better performance out of radio?

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  • Bill Kearney
    Oct 18, 2002
      I came across this one:

      Apparently the suggestion is to change the seconds interval Radio uses from 10
      to 30. No idea what other impact it causes but it has made my copy of Radio
      hammer the processor less.

      For my daily use I've found Radio's performance to be so bad that I just gave up
      running it on my working machine. Now it's on it's own 450mHz box and even then
      it's still too damned slow. At least now when it crashes (and it does) it only
      disrupts that machine. I suspect most of the slowness comes from Userland
      failing to follow up and do the grunt work of cleaning up various bits of bogus

      Don't get me started on menu editing. Be warned, if you develop and want to
      edit menus, save OFTEN. Radio has a very predictable tendency to crash when you
      try to do a lot of menu editing.

      -Bill Kearney