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8426Re: [radio-dev] Radio no longer publishing ...

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  • Steve Kirks
    Oct 13, 2005
      On 10/10/05, Scott C. Lemon <Scott.Lemon@...> wrote:

      > I'm not sure what has happened, but Radio just stopped publishing for me
      > about two weeks ago. I have been digging and looking in all directions, but
      > it just appears dead.
      > As of this morning, I noticed that the new upstreaming code appears to have
      > gone out ... when did this happen? I didn't manually install this, however
      > the prefs page appears different so I am lead to believe it was changed.

      It went to root updates about a month ago.

      > I was using FTP for much of my upstreaming, and also the RadioAtomBridge
      > that I modified and released ... none of these are working any more.
      > I have looked at the events log, and I see a series of "Weblog Publish"
      > events ... but nothing was published.

      Are there any upstream events in the log? Have you tried using the
      "Folder" page to force a scan and publish of the www folder?
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