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8411Re: Updated: Radio 8.1 Upstreaming Beta

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  • Marc Barrot
    Jun 23, 2005
      --- In radio-dev@yahoogroups.com, Matt Mower <matt.mower@g...> wrote:
      > There wasn't a lot of thought behind it. I just thought that, if a
      > user wants to change the default for a folder, messing about with
      > tables & callbacks isn't ideal.

      Ok, the short answer is: if you are a Radio user, you don't want to
      change the upstreaming mechanism, it's too delicate.

      When a Usertalk developer needs to do so, he should use the callback
      mechanism. We will document it fully when the upstreaming beta makes
      it into the main distribution. There's already some info in the readme
      part of the beta installer.

      BTW, remember this ? I didn't :-)



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