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8408Re: Updated: Radio 8.1 Upstreaming Beta

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  • Marc Barrot
    Jun 23 8:25 AM
      > The full HFS path is...
      > Nemisis:Users:jack:Pictures:Radio Upstream:
      > This location of the Radio Upstream folder is Dave's suggested
      > location for the folder under Mac OSX.
      > I forget the location for windows machines.

      Ok, so it appears I was wrong on 2 counts:

      1. We are not dealing with David Davies' assetManager tool
      I just checked) but with Dave Winer's
      myPicturesTool, still distributed by Userland at

      2. According to the above page, this tool uses a completely different
      scheme to watch over the special 'Radio Upstream' folder every *5
      seconds* (Yikes!). This 'Radio Usptream' folder is located outside of
      Radio's 'www' upstreaming hierarchy.

      I'll look into a copy of myPicturesTool when I'm finished with
      activeRenderer 2.5.3, to get more direct information about how the
      'watching' works, and whether it's broken by the new upstreaming scheme.

      In the meantime, please keep testing :-)

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