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6958[ANN] Important Update to myRadio

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  • mikel_maron
    Oct 21, 2002

      If you are a current myRadio user, there's an important update for you
      to download. For one, it fixes a serious bug described below. For
      another, this will be the last download you'll need to make of
      myRadio, which now includes auto-update. Register myRadio, and you'll
      receive code updates automatically. Yes, many cool updates/features
      are planned for the near future.

      If you're not familiar with myRadio, check it out!

      Available at http://radio.weblogs.com/0100875/outlines/myRadio/

      The bug..
      Over the weekend, Radio's aggregator was updated to permanently and
      correctly handle redirected RSS feeds. This change can affect myRadio,
      where redirected feed will not be properly categorized. Updating
      myRadio will fix this problem.

      Mikel Maron