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6664[ANN] nxgate, an NNTP to XML-RPC gateway is released

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  • charlesnadeau
    Sep 3, 2002

      I wrote a little Perl script, named nxgate, that acts as an XML-RPC
      gateway between an NNTP server (like INN) and any program having the
      possibility of calling XML-RPC (like Radio 8) web services. This
      gateway can be use to batch import postings from an internal NNTP
      server to a web log. I am releasing this script under GPL.

      I got the idea of writing this piece of software after re-reading Jon
      Udell's "Practical Internet Groupware" (http://www
      .oreilly.com/catalog/pracintgr/) and starting to play with Radio 8.
      In his book Jon stress the importance of the use of NNTP servers to
      foster collaboration in a work group. I also got interested in the
      concept of K-Logs John Robb is pushing forward (ht
      For me this gateway is a mean to bridge these two worlds. A workgroup
      migrating from NNTP-centric collaboration to K-Logs-centric
      collaboration could use this gateway and some Userland scripts (which
      I plan to write when I'll have had time to wrap the Userland
      scripting language around my head) to migrate posts from newsgroups
      to Radio categories. It could also be used to mirror posts on a
      newsgroup to a K-Log. (more details about this concept there:

      The script was written and tested on a Linux box. It may work on the
      Windows or Mac platforms but I didn't test it. The way to use it
      is very simple: just run (after having done "chmod +x nxgate.pl") it
      from the command line by typing "./nxgate.pl &". The documentation is
      the comments I put into the code.
      You can download the gateway script and a testing script from links
      listed at http://radio.weblogs.com/0111823/2002/09/02.html#a31. To
      use the test script, replace my news server name/IP with yours.
      I also put links to an HTML version of the source code for those who
      may want to look at it but without downloading it. In my tests, it has
      proved itself very reliable but this is still "beta-grade" software.
      If you have comments, questions, suggestions, feature requests,
      please feel free to let me know. I hope this can be useful to