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  • Adam Dykes
    Hey Ladies...this is from the group back home ... From: Two Bears Date: Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 6:03 PM Subject: [nwradfaes] Letter from
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      Hey Ladies...this is from the group back home

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      Date: Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 6:03 PM
      Subject: [nwradfaes] Letter from Nashville
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      Dear Friends,
      One of the great joys of being the contact person for our tribe has been receiving letters like the one below from time to time.  I have included my response as well.

      Blessings to all,
      Two Bears

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      Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 19:08:25 -0500


      My name is Karissa Goff and I am a Graphic Design student at Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film in Nashville, Tennessee. I wasn't always as solid a person as I am today. When I was around 15, I took a turn for the worst. (Depression, Suicide attempts, ect) After two years or so, I recovered and got back on my feet. I decided to help my school. (or so I though I was going to be able to.) My best friend, who I fell in love with, told me that he was (and still is...=]) gay. The only person that he had told was me. I knew of other students in my class of 300 students were having the same troubles as he was. (Trying to tell their parents, family member, ect.) I decided to take it upon myself to form a GSA at our school. Our school was in the middle of Hickville, USA. No one was going to understand these kids and their problems. I knew I had to do something.

      I started reading up on how I could help and what I could do to make this work. It was then that I ran into a book titled 'Faeries: Visions, Voices and Pretty Dresses.' (So far it remains one of my favorites.) I showed this book to several classmates and they instantly fell in love with it. Everything about that book screams amazing and inspirational to the most extreme extent.

      I thought about the book quite recently and thought I would look it up on the internet. As hard as it was to find, I did succeed in finding it. I am so very glad that this 'organization' still flourishes in Kawashaway, Minnesota. I would love to come and stay sometime when I finally get out of school. I would love to meet some of the brave people that have decided that they are going to live their life the way that they want to live it: No exceptions.

      Thank you all so much for being such an inspiration for me and for others.
      Karissa Goff.

      Dear Karissa,
      My goodness!, I hardly know what to say, except, you go, girl!!!

      What a delightful letter, hon.  I'm so glad our book has been an inspiration for you and your friends.  Your letter here is certainly a like-wise inspiration to me, and I'd love to hear more about how things worked out at your school and how your best friend is doing too.

      It would be wonderful to have you come for Lammas Gathering some year.  I suspect this year would be too soon for you, but you'd be welcome whenever you could get here, as well as your best friend and any other of your other friends or folks you know who would like to come with you.  This year's Gathering is on the horizon and I'm so excited already!, lol.  We don't get many "real girls" coming to our Gathering, but they've always been welcome to join us.

      It's very true that radical faeries do our best to live our lives the way we want to without exception.  Conformity is such a drag, and not in a good way! lol.  There are two common impressions a lot of people get when they first see the pictures in our book: 1) that everybody wears dresses, and 2) that everybody goes naked.  While these things are true for many of us, it's not true for all of us, much like anything else about faeries.  We are such individualists that sweeping generalizations just don't fit, and we like it that way.  It kind of forces folks to get to know us as individuals instead of thinking of us more at arms length as this group of crazy people.  Well, we are kinda crazy sometimes, lol, but in a good way!  I never laugh as much as I do anywhere else when I'm at Gathering.  At the same time, I've never had tears come to my eyes as much either, because there are so many stories amongst us all that have moved me so deeply.  Being at Gathering has long been something I want others to have as well.  It's such an opportunity to explore who you are in a safe place along with others who are doing much of the same, to play and laugh, at yourself and with others, to share your talents and appreciate those who are also there, to just plain be free of the constraints of mainstream culture in a way we can not be any other place.

      I hope to continue to hear from you, and please pass on my addy to any of your friends who are also interested in the faeries too, dear.  In the meantime, keep loving, keep laughing, keep growing!

      All the Best!
      Two Bears

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