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Re: [USAFRadarSitesVeterans] Re: [radarpatches] 623rd AC&W Squadron

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE Sam, Thanks for the tip. I will let them know. Bob Tom, Radarpatches, Sam has a good suggestion, Try it. Hope it
Fletcher, Robert L SPK
May 20, 2011

Re: 623rd AC&W Squadron ADCC (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE Radarpatches people, We will forward this to the Alaska radar folks in case they have an idea. Are there any of the
Fletcher, Robert L SPK
May 20, 2011

623rd AC&W Squadron ADCC

Looking for pre-1975 patches of the 623rd AC&W Squadron ADCC and outlying radar sites based at Okinawa and also the 81st.Tac Control Flight from Bergstrom AFB.
May 20, 2011

New Unknown Patch

I have posted a scan of a patch I found in my collection I don't know what unit it is from or where I got it. The patch is posted in the temporary patch
May 20, 2011

Re: Digest Number 145

Interesting - I was in the 32 Air Division at Gunter AFS, Al 68-69! ________________________________ From: Gunner Retired To:
pete callamaras
Mar 22, 2011

Re: Digest Number 145

Don Dotty writes: "Does any one have any idea where I might obtain these two patches. The 912th was Ramore Ontario Canada and I was there from Sept 55 to Mar
Gunner Retired
Mar 21, 2011

912th AC&W Sqdn--32nd Air Div. Hancock Field NY

Does any one have any idea where I might obtain these two patches. The 912th was Ramore Ontario Canada and I was there from Sept 55 to Mar 57. The 32nd Air
Mar 20, 2011

787th Radar Sq.

Hi to All, While I am not a patch collector, I have designed one. I was stationed at the 787th Radar Sq, Chandler AFS, MN, from '65 to '69. In my 21 years in
Feb 17, 2011

looking fo a 602 TCS patch

looking for the 602 TCS patch in Germany in mid 80's. Looked like a coffin and said vigilance on it. Thanks
Feb 17, 2011

701st AC&W Ft. Fisher AFS, NC

Hey Guys, I'm looking for the patch for the 701st AC&W from the late 1960's. can anyone help?
Jan 9, 2011

Patches sought

Acknowledging that this is a list for collectors, my question is: I am seeking unit patches for my fathers duty stations in the USAF SS from 1960ish to 1976.
Jul 31, 2010

Patch Sources

There are numerous sites that deal in old AF patches. A couple I have had some luck with are: www.usafpatches.com www.aeroemblem.com or you can google AF
Jul 29, 2010

radar site patches

Patches, Oh Boy, Sign me up. Is there a site for other military patches? Thanks, Bob. (823rd Red Horse, Bien Hoa, Vietnam, Oct 68-69) BOB FLETCHER, "
Fletcher, Robert L SPK
Jul 29, 2010

radar site patches

i am looking for a 621st brigham control patch from udorn
Jul 29, 2010

New on list.................

Thanks for letting me join, Bob Fletcher, Retired AF Msgt, Bien Hoa, 823rd Red Horse Squadron, 68-69 BOB FLETCHER, " THERE IS NO KNOWN CURE FOR AN
Fletcher, Robert L SPK
Jul 7, 2010
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