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Re: [UK racewalk] Re: Walks coach education

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  • Martin Rush
    Dear all The UKA coach education scheme is predominantly about the process of coaching, especially at the early stages, with a reliance on the individual to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2003
      Dear all
      The UKA coach education scheme is predominantly about the process of
      coaching, especially at the early stages, with a reliance on the individual
      to ensure that the technical aspects of a particular event are
      learnt/developed through a process of mentoring from experienced coaches.
      For walk coaches interested in technical aspects of endurance development I
      would personally recommend tapping into the large pool of established
      endurance run coaches that exist in this country, combining this technical
      knowledge with advice and expertise from high level walks coaches on the
      specifics appropriate to walking. There is a need to develop technique as
      the young athlete develops and a need to have full knowledge of the
      physiological implications of the walk events at different age groups. The
      UKA coach education scheme aims to give coaches the ability to tap into the
      areas that they recognise they need at a particular time to take the
      athletes they are working with forward.


      Martin Rush

      >From: "Peter Cassidy <peter.cassidy@...>"
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      >Subject: [UK racewalk] Re: Walks coach education
      >Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 22:15:11 -0000
      >1 Eight weeks to start updating their datatbase suggests that
      >U.K.A. are beginning to improve!
      >2 Anyone wanting coaching (rather than coach education) can
      >ask the appropriate R.W.A. area Coaching & Development
      >Secretary for help.
      >3 The R.W.A. is going to institute a coaching education scheme
      >of its own, with the hope of having it recognised by U.K.A. (In
      >actual fact, of course, U.K.A. does not need to approve any
      >particular educational scheme, only to accept it for the purposes
      >of its coach grading system) One of the difficulties arising in
      >setting this up has been the difficulty in obtaining reasonably
      >reliable lists of coaches with specific race walking qualifications
      >- something that U.K.A. could not provide.
      >4 Peter Markham, as the R.W.A. National Coaching Coordinator,
      >will know the current state of the initiative and will no doubt
      >contribute to this discussion.
      >Happy walking in 2003 for all!
      >Peter Cassidy
      >--- In racewalk@yahoogroups.com, "grahamchapman2003
      ><graham.chapman@a...>" <graham.chapman@a...> wrote:
      > > Cath Duhig wrote to RWR last month asking, among other
      >things, what
      > > was happenning to coach education to extend quality coaching
      > > the currently established race walking areas.
      > >
      > > Last time I asked this - and I can't remember who I asked - I
      > > the upshot was that it had been put on hold, pending the
      > > of the UKA's new coaching structure and the development of
      > > coaching courses, and race walking coach education would be
      > > integrated within this. So I duly registered my interest in the
      > > scheme, waited and waited, and finally got onto the first of
      > > my "Level 3 Performance" courses at the end of October. A
      > > benefit - but mainly because I was privileged to meet Brian
      > > there and pick up a few tips (not to mention being somewhat
      > > embarassed at finding myself being 'educated' alongside one
      >of the
      > > great names of British walking!)
      > >
      > > I have just received a letter from UKA saying they are in
      >process of
      > > updating their records to record that I actually attended the
      > > course. Eight weeks to start updating their database! Any
      > > that Brian or I made of walking at the event seemed to go down
      > > the proverbial f*rt at a funeral - no hostility, no derision, just
      > > awkwardness - they wanted to accommodate us but perhaps
      > > that they didn't have a 'box' to put us in. We have a box here
      > > labelled 'endurance', and a box here labelled 'technical', where
      > > hell do we put the walkers?
      > >
      > > UKA have very ambitious plans for coach development but in
      > > they seem to face difficulties that we can only guess at, and my
      > > guess would be that it will be many years before they have a
      > > which can include proper race walking coach education.
      > >
      > > Which may not be a big problem if they get there in the end . . .
      > > however it cannot have escaped notice, for example, that the
      > > of developing racewalkers emerging from Oxfordshire over the
      > > couple of years ALL lean forward. Unsurprisingly as they get a
      > > faster the bent-leg warnings start to appear. The other
      >common factor
      > > among them all is that - apart from one training day with Andi
      > > for which we are very grateful - all their coaching is coming
      > > the undersigned. For these hardy souls there is need for ME to
      > > some education pretty soon. They will have progressed too far
      > > the veteran ranks by the time UKA get sorted.
      > >
      > > Would it be possible for the RWA, or RWA regions, to dust off
      > > coach education plans and put them into practise with the
      > > of UKA?
      > >
      > > This couldn't be any sort of alternative to the UKA scheme and I
      > > don't suggest that we try to replicate the work that UKA scheme
      > > doing in educating people about child protection, social
      >aspects of
      > > athletics, developmental physiology etc. However they will have
      > > turn to the racewalking community in the end to develop
      > > racewalking coaching. Could we start now?
      > >
      > > My most recent letter from UKA talks of them establishing a
      > > under which experience gained on the precursor regional
      > > education programs can be counted as 'credits' in the UKA
      > > Perhaps they may be prepared to treat education provided by
      >the RWA
      > > in the same way. Would the UKA have any objection to this?
      >Could any
      > > of our experienced coaches spare the time, alongside the
      > > work that is clearly being done with our juniors? What does
      > > else think about how we can progress racewalk coach

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