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  • Julie Lillo
    Feb 24, 2007
      Hi Ruth,
      What is ACLS? I'm guessing it has to do with working as a nurse?
      Decided to look at your blog again and noticed that you have 6 sewing machines in that one photo. All they all yours or did you take it during a "Rather be Quilting Day?" Just wanted to take a closer look at your longarm and the binding machine. Gammill worked for Singer and used the Singer heads at first. People with some of the very first Gammills say that they don't have a name on them.  I guess I'm interested in the machines like you probably take an interest in  medical stuff.
      Does Marcia Stevens do the QofV. website? She has an old, old Gammill and quilts beautifully and designs patterns. You are doing a giving thing signing up for more. I get more charity quilts than I want sometimes.
      Do you like your binding machine? I've thought about offering binding as a service, but have to find a method I like first. Binding is ok, but not my favorite part of the process. How do you go about charging for it?
      Do you have any favorite pantographs? I'm thinking about ordering a couple more and have had a little trouble finding ones that I like.
      David's tooth is doing well and my youngest seems to be getting a little better- just coughs and sniffles.
      I sure like hearing from you. Happy quilting!
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      From: Ruth
      Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2007 12:55 PM
      Subject: [quiltedjewels] (unknown)

      Hi Julie,
      Well, I just finished ACLS this am & now I can concentrate on quilting
      again. My brain is fried!!Hope this find your children feeling better.
      Is your sons tooth doing ok? Our group is doing QOV quilts this year
      also. We've had one ready to quilt & I just haven't done it because I
      was having such a hard time finding a recipient. But with the QOV web
      site I found I'm doing much better. I also signed up to be a longarmer
      with that group & I've done two quilts. I've been paired up to do 2
      more.You were asking about my machine. It's a singer.I bought it used
      from a lady who had also bought it used, so it's ooooold! The frame
      doesn't have a name on it. It was reconditioned just before I got it ,
      so it sews like a new one. I also got a singer from her that I leave
      set up as a binder. Both are industrial type machines so I exoect they
      will last forever. Well quilts are waiting so I guess I had better get
      busy. I'll post pictures when I get them done. Ruth