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Re: [quenya] the bard's song

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  • Kirsten Eivor Bekkhus
    From: Elerran Eareno Hello! I think you`d get more replies if you split up long poems like this instead of dropping all at once. It`s very much to go
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2003
      Hello! I think you`d get more replies if you split up long poems like this instead of dropping all at once. It`s very much to go through..I just take the two first stanzas now, ok? The rest is following later:)

      Lindë i lindaro


      The Bard’s Song

              In the Forest


      Sí ilyë ellë istea

      You mean _ellë_ as independent pronoun? Does not exist as far as we know. Using _ilya_ could mean "the entirety of you", so I`m not sure how to put it. I think I`d say _ilquen_, "everybody". Also it should be _istar_ (ista + plural)


      I lindar ar lindenta

      _lindintar_ (plural)


      Apa lumer avánier

      Íre _lúmi_, nouns ending in -e gets -i in plural. (_apa-_ only attested as prefix)


      Pahtuvan hendunyat

      _pahta- is an adjective. Ideas anyone?


      Ambarenna vahaia

      use locative: _ambaresse_


      Nai enomentuvalmë

      Nan sín á hlara lindenya

      So far _á hlara_ is ok, so i`m not picking, just an information: It`s being discussed weather primary verbs in imperative get ending in -a or -e, because both possibilities is found in Tolkien`s writings (he returned to -e in the end). The -a might be just an experiment or a hint of continuative. Someday maybe we`ll know for sure.


      I áro I lóme

      _lómeo_ - of the night


      á lira elmë lindë i lindaro

      I`m stuck on "let`s". Maybe _liruvalme_, "we will/shall sing"? Anyway I think not imperative is right here.


       Now You all know
      The bards and their songs
      When hours have gone by
      I'll close my eyes
      In a world far away
      We may meet again
      But now hear my song
      About (of) the dawn of the night
      Let's sing the bards' song



      Epaurë mentuva me oar

      There is a coinage _entarë_, but this seems ok too. Depending on your taste, maybe, "next day" or "after-day".

      Márello haira

      Úquen istuva esselma voro

      _ilquen voro istuva esselva_ (-lva - exclusive our names)


      Nan linder i lindaro eruva


      Epaurë mentuva ta oar

      Caurë sinaurëo

      Yéva vanwa

      Sairina lindínen

      _sairinë_ (pl.), no accent- í.


      Tomorrow will take (send) us away
      Far from home
      No one will ever know our names
      But the bards' songs will remain
      Tomorrow will take it away
      The fear of today
      It will be gone
      Due to our magic songs


      Lovely song, really. Eivor

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