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Moderation (WAS:Re: Quenya name for Viveca)

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  • petristikka
    ... Yes, I am affraid so... ... guidelines. I ... that he ... has well ... and the ... anyway) go ... OOPS! I guess I mixed the lists. Yet Elfling also has no
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 1, 2002
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      --- In quenya@y..., Kai MacTane <kmactane@g...> wrote:
      > At 8/31/02 02:40 PM , petristikka wrote:
      > >This is surely an example of some of the horrid things that can
      > >proceed from the lack of moderation.
      > You may be more right than you know, Petri...

      Yes, I am affraid so...

      > >More moderation is swiftly needed to impose its self-imposed
      guidelines. I
      > >certainly hope that this message will be seen by a moderator, and
      that he
      > >will do something about this matter. After all, this mailing list
      has well
      > >over a thousand members.
      > Umm, Petri? This is Quenya, not Elfling. It has only 220 members,
      and the
      > posting policy is "unmoderated". All messages (by subscribers,
      anyway) go
      > through automatically, without any approval process.
      OOPS! I guess I mixed the lists. Yet Elfling also has no moderation
      of messages.

      > (I agree, it's easy to forget which of the two lists is which; they
      can be
      > very similar sometimes.)
      > --Kai MacTane

      Too similar: they both have much too many (stupid) translation

      Petri Tikka
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