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Tumna sérë (Deep peace)

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  • ilcemenea
    Hi everybody. I´m a spanish student interested in Tolkien languages. I have just write my first quenya text, and maybe someone could take a look at that and
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      Hi everybody. I´m a spanish student interested in Tolkien
      languages. I have just write my first quenya text, and maybe someone
      could take a look at that and correct any possible mistakes.
      Some words I think are right, but I´m
      not sure, they are writed betwen [];some others are invented by
      me,in that case they have their explanation.
      Any other question, please send me a mail!!

      You were sat (down) over the black stone,
      Elyë [harnë] (the most simmilar) i morondossë (morë +

      sewing (on) clouds to my eyes with silked threads.
      sérinala i fanyar hendunyant (dative dual) lianen samino.

      I talked about things that never happened;
      Inyë [quentë] engweo ya *iloi (never = no + ever = il- (no
      because we´ll have then 3 vowels in 1 word) + oi) martanet,

      Things I heard sometime to the gulls in the middle of ocean.
      engwë ya lastanenyë [quen lú] maiwion [endessë] alatareo.

      (You) oppened the small cage
      Hacanelyë i titta *mandonce ( cage = small prison ; mando + (-nce)
      this diminutive appears in "The peoples of middle-earth")

      and our kites breathed again (the) freedom,
      ar *lannelapurnautarelvar (kite, literaly "cloth which floats
      lanne + hlápur- + nauta, with the dual possesive) suyanentë
      [mettassë] lerië,

      the scent of wind that saw them born.
      i holme súreva ya ceneryetë nóna.

      - Is it a long time to the earthquake?
      - Lemyaryë olya i *cementaltivan ( earthquake, lit. "shake of
      earth", cemen + talta (quiver))

      -… (a very easy translation!)

      Later we kneel (down) on the carpet of bloodsteined grass
      Apa *occanelvë (from occo, knee, to kneel *occa?) [yarwa] salqueo
      *talanneossë (carpet, lit. floor of cloth: talan + lanne + o)

      and observed marveled how the sideral silence
      ar tirnelvë [vanyarwa] manen elenya *úlamma (silence = without
      sound, ú- + lamma)

      vomited brillances of dead stars…
      *etemantë (vomit, lit. "to eat out", et- + mat) rilyar
      elenon firini,

      which names already nobody remember.
      yar essi epello [úquen] enyaliryë (in aorist)

      I felt your painful stitches in my pupils,
      [Tendilnenyë] [nwalmina] [sincalilya] *hendeunyassë (pupil,
      lit. "in
      the middle of the eye", hen(d) + ende; its in dual, with an extra
      ,because if it hasn´t, it will be equal to "in my eyes")

      knowing there was nobody else there,
      ístala sa úmer [erdi] entome,

      and listening atonished to the monotone buzzing
      ar lástala [vanimarwa] (I have used vanyarwa yet) i *lammaramaro
      (buzzing, lit. sound of wings ; lamma+ ráma + o)

      of the bees which inhabit my hived belly.
      i nieron ya marir *coalicolissor (hived, from hive. Lit. "house
      wax and honey" [beautiful, itsn´t?](coa + lico + lisso + r, to
      change it in an adjetive) cumbanya.

      Then earth began to quiver.
      San cemen yessetaneryë táltala,

      She was trying to…talk me…

      I was the point of joining
      nenyë i ticsë yanweo

      Between her and the remaining universe.
      imbë eryë ar i lemyëa ilúveo.

      I can still heard the sky shining under my feet.
      Er polinyë hlare menel sílala nu talunyat (in dual)

      (The) Forests kissed the floor
      I tauri [miquentë] i talanen,

      And let me glimpse their hidden brightness..
      ar [lavnentenë] tihta muina alcarya,

      The light which all [everybody] hoards "inside"
      i cala ya ilyë [haririlmë] (harilmë?) "mir",

      Which shines during an instant when you discover
      ya silë terë *lúmelle (instant = little moment ; lume + -lle
      (diminutive)) irë tuvalyë

      That (you) form part of (the) everything.
      sa [ëal] tiryë [ilquo].

      Rivers squeezed me between their shapeless arms
      I síri *rancantenë (rancu = arm, *ranca- = to squeeze (hug)?)
      *ilcantu (shapeless, without shape ; I use il- because with ú-
      (*ucanto) it will sem like a tongue twister..."ucanto

      And looking at the abyss whispered:
      ar undumen cénala lussanente:

      "We can´t believe (that) this makes you cry…",
      "Úmë polintë osána (perhaps in aorist ?) sa caril (no
      because carilyë niena, doesn´t sound very good) niena sina",

      but (it) did it.
      nan carnes.

      I spilt centuries of tears
      Inyë ulyanë ( no ulyanenyë haranyë, cacophonic)
      haranyë níriva

      Which joint with their words.
      ya [lentë] (an abreviated form of *lehtente?) yo quettarinta.

      Some omnipotent being had joint finally
      Quen [ilyaurië] (all-poweredful?) ëala [lehteneryë]

      The petty piece that was my existence
      i *hyarna (piece ; from crack, break: *breaked) ya ëanë

      To the colossal riddle
      úvean *fanaristainyarnissë (buff...riddle, lit. "figure
      separate in
      parts"; fana + ristaina + hyarna + ssë)

      Of transcosmic amalgam.
      *olyanatostaleo (amalgam, lit. "many things gathered",
      [...perhaps a
      little strange explanation]; olyar + nati + hostalë) *terilúve

      Whoever (who) had been…thanks.
      Aiquen ya anië...hantalë

      Tumna sérë
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