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  • Vicente Velasco
    ... He he he good one Carl! __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Small Business $15K Web Design Giveaway
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2004
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      > Message: 1
      > Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 16:54:53 -0500
      > From: Carl F. Hostetter <Aelfwine@...>
      > Subject: Announcing the Grelvish Linguistical
      > Fellowship
      > FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Crofton, Maryland. April 1,
      > 2004
      > In a packed multi-media press event, Carl Hostetter,
      > head of the former
      > Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, stunned the world
      > today by announcing
      > that he has dissolved the E.L.F., the erstwhile
      > international
      > organization devoted to the scholarly study of the
      > invented languages
      > of J.R.R. Tolkien.
      > In its place, Hostetter revealed the immediate
      > formation of the
      > Grelvish Linguistical Fellowship, which he described
      > as instead
      > dedicated to "making up pretend fairy languages".
      > "The whole scholarly thing just wasn't working out,"
      > Hostetter noted.
      > "Studying Tolkien's writings is, like, really hard
      > and stuff, and kind
      > of a drag. I mean, all people really wanna do is
      > talk in Elvish. Like
      > Legolas. He's really cool."
      > "But Tolkien just couldn't ever make up his mind!"
      > Hostetter continued.
      > "And, I mean, he had, like, 50 years to make Elvish
      > usable, so it's not
      > like he didn't have his chance! And come on, enough
      > is enough! These
      > Grelvish folks did the job in, like, just a few
      > months! So how great
      > can Tolkien be, anyways? We're moving on to the real
      > thing."
      > In unveiling the G.L.F., Hostetter also introduced
      > the complete grammar
      > of Grelvish that he had doodled out on a napkin
      > while waiting to come
      > to the podium. "Tolkien wasted 50 years of his life,
      > gallons and
      > gallons of ink, and thousands of sheets of paper
      > working out the
      > 'history' and 'phonology' of languages that no one
      > can even speak! I
      > mean, what language really _needs_ vowel affection,
      > lenition, and
      > strong past tenses, anyways?" he asked. "We've got
      > your entire language
      > right here, and on a stylish line of GLF t-shirts,
      > post cards, coffee
      > mugs, frisbees, and mouse pads. And we've pared it
      > down to just 12
      > rules -- 4 less than Esperanto! In your face,
      > Zamenhof!", he intoned.
      > The move was also accompanied by Hostetter's
      > announcement of a
      > widely-anticipated G.L.F-branded
      > tattoo-and-wedding-band-inscription
      > franchise of mall shops, to be called "Iolf a' N�d"
      > (Elvish for "Brand
      > 'n' Bond").

      He he he good one Carl!

      Do you Yahoo!?
      Yahoo! Small Business $15K Web Design Giveaway
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