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Quenya poem by Lukas Novak

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  • Ryszard Derdzinski
    Aiya! Si m�raly�, p�laly� tul� ar cenda vinya lair� Quenyanen Lukas Novako mi Gwaith-i-Pheddain: http://go.to/galadhorn If you want, you can come and see new
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2000

      Si méralyë, pólalyë tulë ar cenda vinya lairë Quenyanen Lukas Novako mi
      'Gwaith-i-Pheddain: http://go.to/galadhorn

      'If you want, you can come and see new Quenya poem of Lukas Novak at
      "Gwaith-i-Pheddain": http://go.to/galadhorn


      Ryszard Derdzinski

      maggot@... or galadhorn@...

      Richard = GALADHORN < gala- 'prosperous, rich, blessed' (LR 357) + dorn
      'stiff, tough, *hard' (WJ 413)

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