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Matthew 1

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  • Nathan Roy
    Inspired by the Quenya translations of Genesis on Ardalambion, I have begun tackling the first chapters of the New Testament. Below is my rendition of Matthew
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2000
      Inspired by the Quenya translations of Genesis on Ardalambion, I have begun
      tackling the first chapters of the New Testament. Below is my rendition of
      Matthew 1. The next chapter is also roughed out, but this is probably enough
      for now. Please give me some criticism and advice so this can perhaps end up
      on the web site! Thank you...
      I Parma Masseuo � The Book of Matthew

      Cirma Mine � Chapter One

      I Nosse Yesuso � The Geneology of Jesus

      Luumenyaare i nosseo Laivea Yesuso i yondo Tavito, i yondo Aprahamo:
      A history of the line of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham:

      *(The word Christ means �annointed� so I used an adjective invented from the
      word for ointment.)

      Apraham nee i atar Isaaco; Isaac nee i atar Yacopo; Yacop nee i atar Yuto ar
      Abraham was the father of Isaac; Isaac was the father of Jacob; Jacob was
      the father of Judah and his brothers;

      *(Is there a word for �beget� that would take the place of �was the

      Yuta nee i atar Peresso ar Sero Tamarnen; Peres nee i atar Hesrono; Hesron
      nee i atar Ramo;
      Judah was the father of Perez and Zerah by Tamar; Perez was the father of
      Hezron; Hezron was the father of Ram;

      Ram nee i atar Amminatapo; Amminitap nee i atar Nahsono; Nahson nee i atar
      Ram was the father of Amminadab; Amminadab was the father of Nahshon;
      Nahshon was the father of Salmon;

      Salmon nee i atar Poasso Rahapnen; Poas nee i atar Opeto Rusnen; Opet nee i
      atar Yesseo;
      Salmon was the father of Boaz by Rahab; Boaz was the father of Obed by Ruth;
      Obed was the father of Jesse;

      Yesse nee i atar Aran Tavito; Tavit nee i atar Solomono i vessenen Urio;
      Jesse was the father of King David; David was the father of Solomon by
      Uriah�s wife;

      Solomon nee i atar Rehopoamo; Rehopoam nee i atar Apiyo; Apiya nee i atar
      Solomon was the father of Rehoboam; Rehoboam was the father of Abijah,
      Abijah was the father of Asa;

      Asa nee i atar Yehossafato; Yehossafat nee i atar Yehoramo; Yehoram nee i
      atar Ussio;
      Asa was the father of Jehoshaphat; Jehoshaphat was the father of Jehoram;
      Jehoram was the father of Uzziah;

      Ussia nee i atar Yosamo; Yosam nee i atar Ahasso; Ahas nee i atar Hessecio;
      Uzziah was the father of Jotham; Jotham was the father of Ahaz; Ahaz was the
      father of Hezekiah;

      Hessecia nee i atar Manasseho; Manasseh nee i atar Amono; Amon nee i atar
      Hezekiah was the father of Manasseh; Manasseh was the father of Amon; Amon
      was the father of Josiah;

      Yosia nee i atar Yeconio ar torniryaron i etyalesse Papulonenna.
      Josiah was the father of Jeconiah and his brothers in the exile to Babylon.

      *(The word �etyale� is the noun form of a hypothetical verb �etya�, which I
      got from �Etyangoldi� the �Exiled Noldor�)

      Apa i etyale Papulonenna, Yeconia ne i atar Sealtiello; Sealtiel nee i atar
      After the exile to Babylon, Jeconiah was the father of Shealtiel; Shealtiel
      was the father of Zerubbabel;

      Seruppapel nee i atar Apiuto; Apiut nee i atar Eliacimo; Eliacim nee i atar
      Zerubbabel was the father of Abiud; Abiud was the father of Eliakim; Eliakim
      was the father of Azor;

      Assor nee i atar Satoco; Satoc nee i atar Acimo; Acim nee i atar Eliuto;
      Azor was the father of Zadok; Zadok was the father of Akim; Akim was the
      father of Eliud;

      Eliut nee i atar Eleassaro; Eleassar nee i atar Matsano; Matsan nee i atar
      Eliud was the father of Eleazar; Eleazar was the father of Matthan; Matthan
      was the father of Jacob;

      Yacop nee i atar Yosefo, i verno Maaro, ya nosta Yesus, estina Laivea.
      Jacob was the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, who gave birth to
      Jesus, called Christ.

      *(I used Maara for Mary�s name, because it is closer to the Hebrew and also
      means �good.�)

      San ilquasse neer atta-rasta atari Aprahamello Tavitenna, atta-rasta
      Tavitello i etyalenna Papulonenna, ar atta-rasta i etyalello i Laiveanna.
      Therefore in all were fourteen fathers from Abraham to David, fourteen from
      David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Christ.

      I nosta Laivea Yesuso � The Birth of Jesus Christ

      I nosta Laivea Yesuso martanes ve si: Amilerya Maara carne vanda vestaleo
      Yosefenna, nan uu-apa yanwenta, hirnente seldo cumbaryasse i Aina Suulenen.
      The birth of Jesus Christ happened like this: his mother Mary made a vow of
      marriage to Joseph, but not after their joining, they found a child in her
      womb by the Holy Spirit.

      *(Is there any other equivalent of �before�? The negative prefix �uu� is
      added here and elswhere, especially with verbs, but I don�t exactly know if
      this is correct usage.)

      Yosef veorya nee mane ar uu-mernes tane ilquanna; noaneero aute se seeresse.
      Joseph her man was righteous and not-wanted to indicate to all; he thought
      to leave her in peace.

      *(I know the past tense of �noa� is something else, but I forgot it.)

      Si nee noorya, nan tercaano i Heruo tulle sonna olooresse, queetala, �Yosef
      yondo Tavito, uu-cauya mape Maara vesselya, ten ya nee carna sesse naa i
      Aina Suulenen.�
      This was his thought, but a herald of the Lord came to him in a dream,
      saying, �Joseph son of David, not-fear to take Mary your wife, for what was
      made in her is by the Holy Spirit.�

      Nostuvaare yondo, ar antuvalye i esse Yesus, ten caruvaaro varna lierya
      She will bear a son, and you will give the name Jesus, for he will make free
      his people from their sins.�

      Si martanes quante ya i Heru equeetie ter i apacenwe:
      This happened to fill what the Lord had said through the prophet:

      *(�apacen� is �foresight�, so I added the suffix form of �veo� to make �man
      of foresight.�)

      En, i weene caruva cumbasse ar nostuvaare yondo, ar antuvante i esse
      Immanuel, ya naa �Eru emmesse.�
      Behold, the virgin will produce in the womb and will give birth to a son,
      and they will give the name Immanuel, which is �God with us.�

      Iire Yosef coivane, carneero ya i tercaano Heruo acaanie ar mampeero Maara
      When Joseph awoke, he did what the angel of the Lord had ordered and took
      Mary his wife,

      nan uu-carnes yanwe senna tennai apa nostaneere yondo. Ar antaneero i esse
      but he not-made union with her until after she gave birth to a son. And he
      gave the name Jesus.

      Nathan Roy � imakhy@...

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