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  • Kate
    May 2, 2003
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      You already got a mistake in the Greetings on the Hom site:
      >"Nai i kwet ayan eledion nuve tur!"
      as far as I know that would be:
      "nai i aina lambe(maybe even _ainalambe_ together) Eldaron nauva ture"

      If you wanted really much this to be with the "quet-" stem then -
      _quetil_ is the name for "language".
      Why "Eledion"??? Where did you find such word for "elf"?
      "Nuve" is wrong form, and all of the writers use _nauva_ as a proper
      "Tur" itself is a stem. You need an infinitive here, thus "ture"
      (end -e).

      Ok, thats about my questions to this. Anyway Im still a fresh student
      of quenya so i may as well make many mistakes, but hey:)))


      [Nausë avaista lerta vanimë nati onte; Ista avanausë - er nati velicë]