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952Re: [quenya] Re: Lamb, Shepherd etc

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Apr 6, 2003
      teithant "Patrick H. Wynne"

      > _*awi-). In
      > Indo-European, variation occurred between the vowels
      > _e_ and _o_ in
      > roots ("ablaut"), for example the root _*ped-(1)_
      > 'foot' > Latin
      > _ped-_ but Greek _pod-_. So a root EWE in the hands
      > of Indo-European
      > speakers might have become _*owe-_, > _*owi-_. This

      thanks for this interesting information...
      i should mention maybe that this ablaut sometimes
      separates verb stems from noun stems in greek

      eg. trefo 'i nurish' vs trofe 'food
      strefo 'i turn' vs strofe 'turn'
      repo 'i am inclined to' vs rope 'inclination'
      perdomai 'i fart' vs porde 'fart' (couldnt help with
      not mentioning this one :PPPP)

      any connection with english brood/breed, food/feed, moot/meet?

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