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950Re: [quenya] Re: Lamb, Shepherd etc

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  • amanibhavam
    Apr 6, 2003
      --- "Patrick H. Wynne" <pwynne@...> wrote:
      > amanibhavam wrote, regarding Q. _�rava (o)messe_
      > 'have mercy on
      > us':
      > > this is interesting. I do not possess VT44. What
      > is
      > > the roor of _�rava_? And by what conception is the
      > > pronoun in locative?
      > In VT44 I theorize that the root of this form is
      > DAB- 'give way, make
      > room, permit, allow' (V:353), with prefixion of _�-_
      > 'together' (<
      > W�- 'together', V:399), i.e. _*w�dab-_ > _�rav-_
      > (with
      > medial _*d_ > _r_ as usual in Q.) So the
      > construction of this Q. word
      > appears to parallel that of Latin _compati_ 'to feel
      > pity', < _com-_
      > 'together' + _pati_ 'suffer, undergo; permit,
      > allow'.

      Thank you! Do you think, then, that a word like *l�vie
      could mean something like "patience", and, similarly,
      *l�vea "patient"?

      Thomas Ferencz

      ----- "Esti b�ke, t�ged k�sz�ntelek,
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      (Radn�ti M.)

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