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940Re: Lamb, Shepherd etc

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  • Patrick H. Wynne
    Apr 3, 2003
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      Tom Killingbeck wrote:

      > Hantanye an hirin "Mavar", nan laa "lamb". Noali?

      The Qenya Lexicon (QL) gives Q. _eule_ 'lamb' from a root EWE of
      unspecified meaning. This same entry gives an untranslated form
      _eulitse_, which might be a diminutive, *'little lamb'.

      _mavar_ is also from QL, and contains a form of what was then (c.
      1915) the word for 'sheep', _moa_ (< _mawa_). Since _moa_ 'sheep' is
      likely to have been supplanted in Tolkien's later writings by
      _máma_ 'sheep' (from "Quendi and Eldar", c. 1959; XI:395), it is
      possible that _mavar_ 'shepherd' also became obsolete. In the chapter
      "Aldarion and Erendis" in _Unfinished Tales_, _Mámandil_ appears
      (p. 209) as a pseudonym assumed by Hallacar when he wooed Ancalimë
      in the guise of a shepherd. This name probably simply means
      'shepherd', < _máma_ 'sheep' + _-ndil_ 'friend'.

      > Mana quettar 'faith'en ar 'mercy'n? Hirnen 'voronwe' ar 'estel',
      > nan 'estel' naa 'hope', ar 'voronwe' naa 'faithfulness'? Yando,
      > mana quettar 'baptism'en?

      The verb 'have mercy' is _órava_, appearing repeatedly in
      Tolkien's Quenya translation of the Litany of Loreto:

      _órava (o)messe_ 'have mercy on us'

      The Quenya Litany, with an analysis of all the forms, appears in VT
      44, pp. 11-20.

      The best Q. equivalent for our 'faith' is _estel_ (both a Q. and S.
      word). See the passage in _Morgoth's Ring_ (X:320) in which Finrod
      and Andreth discuss the distinction between _amdir_ 'hope' (A Sind.
      word whose full meaning is 'an expectation of good, which though
      uncertain has some foundation in what is known') and _estel_ 'trust',
      which is an inherent knowledge that "of all His [Eru's] designs the
      issue must be for His Children's joy", a knowledge that abides even
      without supporting evidence from experience.

      There is, to my knowledge, no attested Q. word for 'baptism'.

      -- Patrick H. Wynne
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