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939Re: [quenya] Re: Lamb, Shepherd etc

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  • Barbara Rohrer
    Apr 3, 2003
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      Gildor Inglorion schrieb
      that's the entry i was referring to: sheep.. i dont
      understand where is the problem and why i should have
      another wordlist since its already there
      we were looking for 'lamb' and you told us to look at the wordlist. I suggested to use a diminutive for sheep _mámalle_. (the máralle was a stupid typo)
      to quote you:
      learn how to search :P if  'lamb' isn't there, look
      for 'sheep' -> I assumed that there would be an entry for lamb as well. I think we both found sheep without problem. That was not the question.  But thanks for your comments anyway.
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