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  • Patrick H. Wynne
    Mar 21, 2003
      Gildor Inglorion wrote:

      > teithant sirielelenion
      > > BTW, should I write vende or wende (differences in
      > > pronouncation).
      > I don't know if vende is attested from Tolkien's
      > workds or a speculation of Helge... wende is supposed
      > to be more archaic, and according to Helge, it should
      > be pronunced vende in Frodo's time

      Hey, here's a radically different way to approach this
      question, only rarely attempted on the Internet nowa-
      days -- let's actually look at _Tolkien's own writings_
      and see what _Tolkien_ had to say, instead of what
      _Helge_ says. It's a wacky and strange idea, I know,
      but it could be fun!

      In the list of the Quenya names of the Tengwar in
      Appendix E of _The Lord of the Rings_, the name of
      Tengwa 24 is given as "_vilya_ air, sky (older _wilya_)"
      (LR:1096). _vilya_ does not appear in the _Etymolo-
      gies_, but it is clearly from the root WIL- 'fly, float in
      air' (V:398). The _Etym._ also gives Q. _wende_, _vende_
      'maiden' < WED-, WENED- (V:398). Taken together
      with the comment in Appendix E that _wilya_ is the
      "older" form of _vilya_ 'air, sky', it seems a logical con-
      clusion that _wende_ 'maiden' is an earlier form, later
      _vende_. Such paired forms in _w-/v-_ are not un-
      common in the _Etym._, for example _vaiwa_, _waiwa_
      'wind' and _ván_, _wán_ 'goose' (V:397).

      The form _wende_ is used in Tolkien's Quenya trans-
      lation of the Litany of Loreto, in the phrase _Wende mi
      Wenderon_ 'Virgin of virgins' (VT44:12), which dates
      to sometime in the 1950s (see VT43:6-7). Perhaps
      this indicates that the older forms in _w-_ (_wende_,
      _wilya_, _wán_, etc.) continued in use beside the
      later forms in _v-_, though I don't think Tolkien was
      consistent on this point. I'm sure there is much more
      that could be gleaned from Tolkien's published
      writings on this issue. I encourage you to turn off
      your computers, grab a couple books by Tolkien, and
      take a look.

      -- Patrick H. Wynne
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