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861Re: [quenya] Please help me to understand...

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  • sarah sarah
    Mar 1, 2003

      I would like to cancel my membership to this club. how can i do this?

       Kai MacTane <kmactane@...> wrote:

      At 2/28/03 07:46 PM , choken_se <choken_se@...> wrote:
      >I found a sentence:
      >Ma elyenna meldor?
      >Which is translated to:
      >Do you have (any) friends?

      I think that's a really bad translation. I'd translate _Ma elyenna meldor_
      as "Friends to you?" (yeah, it's kind of broken English -- so what, it's
      kind of broken Elvish, too). To say "Do you have any friends?" I would
      actually use _Ma haryal(ye) (ai) meldor?_, or I might use _Nildor_ or
      _nilmor_ for "friends".

      >Is this a case of then you are alowed to exlude the verb/predicate in
      >the sentence.

      No, that trick only works when the verb is "to be". You can't just randomly
      exclude verbs, in Quenya or in any language, and expect people to know what
      you mean.

      >And if it's an word exlusion, couldn't it be just:
      >Ma harya-lye meldor?
      >Do have-you friends?

      Oh, I hadn't read this far when I wrote the above. Yes, you have a better
      grasp of Quenya (IMHO) than whoever wrote _Ma elyenna meldor_.

      >Why allative?

      I can't think of any good reason. Allative should only be used for actual
      physical (or possibly temporal) motion.

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