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81[quenya] Re: Olos Wilindyo

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Mar 18, 2000
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      > Melime nildor (ar nildi ?)
      Dear [male] friends (and [female] friends?)

      > Íre nessima, óla ninna heruo nyarnaron,
      When young, I dream [read dreamt?] about a lord of stories,

      > quentaró parmaron nelde,
      a narrator of three books,

      > hamila tálesse aldo, mi usque asearon róma-lóteva.
      sitting at the foot [read _talesse_] of a tree, in reek of [kings]foils of
      a horn-flower [???]

      > Lenden entasse, vantala linque salquesse.
      I went there, wandering in wet grass.

      > Nán inye varya lá quete...
      But I protect not speak.. [sic - read _verya_ for _varya_ and translate
      "but I *dare* not speak..."???]

      > Ananta quentéro "nyáre ya nyarnelye sermonnar: mára"
      And yet he said "[the] story that you told to friends: good"

      > Amaure tulle, calima anaróre, ar metyanes olorinya...
      Dawn [read amaurea] came, bright sunrise, and it put an end to my dream...

      > Sí tecin nyarnar sermonyain.
      Now I write stories for my friends.

      > Ar elye, mana olos carnelye, yasse quentelye as Tolkien?
      And you, what dream did you have (lit. make), where you spoke with Tolkien?

      > *_as_ "with" (reconstructed from S. _ah_)

      So you would read _Athrabeth Finrod ah [< *as] Andreth_ as "Finrod's debate
      WITH Andreth"?

      - Ainon
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