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80[quenya] Olos Wilindyo

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  • Didier Willis
    Mar 14, 2000
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      Melime nildor (ar nildi ?)

      Íre nessima, óla ninna heruo nyarnaron, quentaró
      parmaron nelde, hamila tálesse aldo, mi usque asearon

      Lenden entasse, vantala linque salquesse. Nán inye
      varya lá quete... Ananta quentéro "nyáre ya nyarnelye
      sermonnar: mára"

      Amaure tulle, calima anaróre, ar metyanes olorinya...

      Sí tecin nyarnar sermonyain.

      Ar elye, mana olos carnelye, yasse quentelye as

      -- -


      _óla_ is impersonal according to UT, hence
      the oblique construct adopted here.
      *_as_ "with" (reconstructed from S. _ah_)
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