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652Re: Nephi 3 & 4

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  • Daniel Myers
    Oct 9, 2002

      Well, this seems to have left the scope of my knowledge...

      Thank you Petri and Thomas for your input.
      I think i'll go ahead and use *_ráquet-_ "to prophesy",
      *_ráquetindo_ "prophet", and *_ráquetta_ "prophesy".

      Also, I'll use *_Yerusalen_ "Jerusalem", but what should I use for
      Zedekiah and Judah?
      Are there (even rough) guidelines for translating names?

      To replace the ugly *_úcaravartante_ 'they repent', i'll use
      _avartante úcarenta_ "they forsake their sins".

      For the record, I just realized that I left an unattested word off my
      list of "created/mishmashed" words in my original message:
      _yessesse_, constructed by Helge for his Genesis 1 translation.

      Are there suitable words for "must" and "destroyed"?

      So, after a (short) debate about the past tense of _tul-_, does it
      really matter which pa.t. i use? (_túle_ or _tulle_?) I'd opt for
      _tulle_, but that's just because... well, i'm not sure why...

      i've got the next twelve verses almost completely translated, so when
      I finish this stupid assignment I'll post them...

      mára mesta.

      -Dan Myers
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