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640Re: [quenya] Re: Nephi 3 & 4

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  • Thomas Ferencz
    Oct 5, 2002
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      Jumping on the bandwagon...
      --- Petri Tikka <kari.j.tikka@...> wrote:

      > > > UGH! ***_ln_ is impossible in Quenya.
      > >
      > > Then what exactly is the past tense of _tul-_
      > "come"? (which, by the
      > > way, is well attested...)
      > _t�le_ (LR:47).

      are you implying, that *tulle is an illogical

      > > > no, no, No, No, NO, ABSOLUTELY NO!! No
      > intervocalic _d_ in Noldorin

      **except for _ada_ "against" which appeared in one of
      the Vinyar Tengwar 43:33

      > > > Quenya, no three vowels in a succession. Both
      > impossible.

      **what about oio?

      > No, I dont't think so. _pro-_ means "for" (they are
      > actually from the same
      > Indo-European stem). _pheemi_ means speak.
      > *_anquet-_ would be an
      > exact transltion. *_anquetindo_ would be "prophet",
      > *_anquetta_ "prophesy".

      **I would rather suggest r� "on behalf of, for", it
      suits the desired meaning better IMHO

      BTW, Petri, with all respect, you _were_ a bit
      arrogant. In my very humble opinion.


      Thomas Ferencz

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