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466Re: yes or no

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  • emilio_1987
    Aug 2 10:10 PM
      --- In quenya@y..., Gildor Inglorion <elfiness@y...> wrote:
      > tence Elerran
      > > la nai h la oxi patriwth?
      > that's tricky... Tolkien once had laa for yes, once
      > had laa for no.. however no the word for yes is
      > unknown.. but it's suggested tancave "surely" and naa
      > "it is"
      isn't there an entry for 'yes' in the Qenya lexicon? ardalambion
      gives the English gloss and page (64L), but doesn't give
      translations... checking the index for Qenya words points to some
      word beginning in N (perhaps NA) but no more...
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