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  • Kai MacTane
    Jul 1, 2002
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      At 7/1/02 02:52 PM , snoboe wrote:
      >Okay, I'm a bit nervous about posting this since I've been fiddling
      >with it so long. It was like the first thing I ever wrote in Quenya:
      >Unotimë eleni sílar or Ambar
      >Calyar ilya alda ar ilya oron
      >Ceninyë i vanyë i calimë eleni
      >Tírala or ilyë lier nu Isil.
      >There are a few things I'm not sure about. Any comments, anyone?

      What things are you uncertain about? Just to make sure we're on the same
      page, here's my translation of this into English:

      Unnumbered (uncountable? innumerable?) stars shine* over the World
      They light all trees and all mountains
      I see the beautiful, the bright stars
      Watching over all people under the Moon.

      * with a white or silvery light

      Now, the problems I see:

      In the second line, _ala_ and _oron_ should both be pluralized (and so
      should _ilya_, to correspond with them -- in this situation, _ilya_ is
      acting as an adjective).

      In the third line, I'm not sure if you meant to write "Ceninyë i vanyë ar
      calimë eleni" ("I see the beautiful and bright stars") -- if you did mean
      to use "the" (_i_) in both cases, then I'd insert the comma, as I've done
      in my translation.

      --Kai MacTane
      "Before you slip into unconsciousness,
      I'd like to have another kiss,
      Another flashing chance at bliss..."
      --The Doors,
      "The Crystal Ship"
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