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1838a couple of questions

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  • Isaac Penzev
    Feb 1, 2006
      I'm new to these lists, so let me introduce myself. My [nick]name is Yitzik,
      I'm a linguist, an interpreter and a conlanger from Ukraine (a republic in
      former Soviet Union). Some of you may know me from other conlang lists.
      Recently I have started learning Quenya, not because I'm a fan of Tolkien,
      but because I merely liked the sound and the structure of the language.
      As we know, there are certain gaps in our attempts to reconstruct Quenya
      vocabulary and grammar structure. That raises a couple of questions I want
      to ask you, dear colleagues.

      1) Is there any way to count numbers beyond 12? E.g. to say "thirteen"?

      2) I know there are no attested words for "where" and "there" in the
      available corpus. Some people reconstruct "where" as *massë. I have not yet
      found any reference to "there". We have the word "here" (="in this place") -
      sinomë. Would the words coined according to this pattern, *manomë and
      *tanomë, plausible, or at least understandable?

      I really don't want to raise flame wars by these question, so please try to
      remain objective. I understand quite well that the answer "no" is still an
      answer :))

      Best wishes,
      -- Yitzik
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