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1709Re: Can someone help me?

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  • quildarener
    Jul 7, 2005
      --- In quenya@yahoogroups.com, "jusname" <jusname@y...> wrote:
      > Can anyone translate the following phrase into Quenya for me
      > "I am symbolic of the symbol that symbolizes me"

      In more or less attested Tolkien Quenya:

      "Nanye i tanna i tanno ya naa tannanya." =
      ("I am the sign of the sign that is my sign.")

      Some more hypothetical alternatives: inye ("I") for *nanye without
      the verb for "to be"

      Tancol ("The Signifier") for "symbolic," with or without a verb
      *tancol- coined from the noun to mean "signify," hence "symbolize."

      Thus: Inye i tancol i tanno ya tancole nye.

      And so on.
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