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1555Re: [quenya] The Beauty of War

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  • Nathan Foreman
    Jun 1, 2004
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       I am curious to know what the person's name is that translates to "the beauty of war".

      sound0fherwings <sound0fherwings@...> wrote:
      Please excuse that this post is in English, but my knowledge of
      Quenya is less than proficient, and seeking help with a language in
      that very language seems silly.

      Could someone please translate the phrase "The beauty of war" into
      Quenya accurately?  It is going to be used for a tattoo, so I need
      verification on the translation from as many sources as possible.  I
      have further specific requests as well.

      "The beauty of war" is actually the english translation of the
      meaning of a persons name.  I was wondering how one goes about
      reforming a name from a phrase in Quenya and if someone could guide
      me in doing that?

      Also...is it possible for me have two seperate translations of the
      phrase with the Tengwar symbols and without?  Obviously this can't be
      done in text, I was looking for someone who could perhaps hand-form
      the letters.

      Sorry for all the requests, but I'm sure someone out there would
      enjoy the task ;)


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