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153Re: NuQuena?

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  • hiddentalentagency
    Dec 17, 2001
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      Hi, he says in common speech! Uh, sorry, I'm just a beginner,
      although I would love to see someone translate this little ditty:

      Tigre, tigre,
      brile brule,
      in arborum
      nox obscura

      be that as it may, and I hope someone tries it, but what I need is
      info on a man in Victoria, B.C., Canada, Robert Noyes, I think, who
      many years ago invented NUQUENYA, which greatly simplifed the
      writing of the Lorien and Sindarin tongues, but in fact, ANYTHING, in
      ANY LANGUAGE, could be written, hence my example in esperanto.
      My "Googling" turned up nothing, so I've joined this group to see
      what I shall see.
      I met this fellow in 1981, and had many a lovely fire-side chat (in
      English!) he had prepared a small card with the runes for each
      letter, some additional non-English runes, and all I can remember is
      he used J.R.R.T's runic languge, but he had the majority of the
      diacritics carried on the preceding vowel. Any help here?
      Write to : mikalhuber@...
      Or post reply here.
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