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146Re: [quenya] Oron Halla (laamatyalie)

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Oct 15, 2001
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      > maara laamatyalie!

      Yee.. Auri sine hlarilme vinyar Pacistanello, ar noore tanasse (laa haira i
      reenallo, sanan) ea osto estaina _Quetta_!

      Inye oi sana i Quenya quetto "quetta" iire hlarin esse tana...

      - Ainon

      [Yeah... These days we hear news from Pakistan, and in that country (not
      far from the border, I think) there is a city called _Quetta_!

      I always think of the Quenya word "quetta" when I hear that name...

      - Helge]
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