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145Oron Halla (laamatyalie)

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  • SKC8563@hitel.net
    Oct 13, 2001
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      Oron Halla (laamatyalie)

      Aiya, ilye Quenyaquetor sinome!
      (Var Quenyatecor...?)

      Lenden Tol Jeju, Tol Olostanna. Vanima Loona!
      Naas Hyarmenearesse, hyarmen Coreo. Tolo endesse
      ea Oron Halla, Coreo orontion anhalla - minya
      Halla Corelambe, telda halla Eldalambe. :-)
      maara laamatyalie!

      Iluuve siiren. Elya Earraamello.


      Mt. Halla (pun)

      Hail, all Quenya-speakers here!
      (Or Quenya-writers...?)

      I went to Jeju, the dreamy isle. Beautiful island!
      It is at the South Sea, the south of Korea.
      There is Mt. Halla at the center of the isle,
      the tallest(anhalla) of mountains of Korea -
      the first Halla is Korean, the last _halla_ is Elvish. :-)
      Good sound-play!

      All for today. From your Earraame.
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