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1393RE: [quenya] Re: Aiya, Ni vinya.

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  • Cherie Campbell
    Mar 5, 2004
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      Tenc� Erulastannen:

      Hantan le atya l�,
      N�, Quenya n� anwa m�ra(useful) l� Sindarin, er melmen Sindarin.
      Is�stien Sindarin otso astar(Study instead of know?). Er, �ar(there
      are)pitya n�ti quetto(a small number of words) Quettaparmass�
      Sindarino. S�, istan (here I mean "I study instead of I know) Quenya.
      Ec�ndien "I Ti� Quenyanna" Helge Fauskangero.�mintyan(Vinya Quenya
      quetta "mintya-" to remember thus �mintyan "I did not remember")i
      quetta "l�".
      I quetta "Ni": �sanwenyar n�r sa "Ni" n� I am- "I Ti� Quenyanna"
      quentes, ar Sindariness� "Im" n� "Ni"; ar "Im" n� "I am". Yondo,
      �sanwenya n� sa "nan" n� atya quetta "but".

      Please correct me if I made any mistakes(and I know I did).

      Aiya ata,

      R�nen quettar: Ec�ndien. �m�ar �mir �a andav� ep� patacat ("consonant" in
      dual=consonant cluster) . Melmen: Tana "Iny� mel�"? "Melm�" er tana "melm�"
      l� "meliny�". Er, amm�ra menta (I use the superlative for "very", since I
      don't know of a separate word; do you?). "Yondo" sinom� tana "yando",
      sanany� (PPQ)? I would suggest "enyal-" the attested verb "to recall" for

      Quettaly� anwav� �pala (iffy translation: "ap-" "to touch, concern" in
      participle form) quettar "n�" ar "nan". Sananeny� "nan" tana "Ni n�". �meny�
      enyal� sina. "Ni" harya y�yo tana tengwi (in this sense "indications")?.
      �meny� istya sina. Mana quetta "�sanwenya"? Yando, quetta "are" n� "nar", l�
      "**n�r". Hantany� le!

      Nam�ri� s�ran,

      Melim� Hwarinn�va

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