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1390Re: Aiya, Ni vinya.

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  • tyelpeanga
    Mar 1, 2004
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      --- In quenya@yahoogroups.com, "Cherie Campbell"
      <tartelperien3319@h...> tencë:

      > Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!
      > Ni yando ná vinya Quenyanna. Cendanyë "Tië Quenyava" (Quenya
      Course, very
      > bad translation) "Helge Fauskangero", ya ná ammára. Curunya
      Quenyassë ná
      > pitya, mal merin caremára (improve, your construction). Nan yando
      17. Menta
      > sina minyanya mi "Quenya Yomenië". Sanwanyë (I think, a
      > Quenya ná mára lá Sindarin, mal sina sanwenya ("my thought"="my
      > Mára mesta,
      > Melimë Hwarinnáva

      Hantan Le,
      I have one question about these sentances: <<Ni yando ná vinya
      Quenyanna.>> The sentence translates "I am also is new to Quenya"?
      Quenya ná mára lá Sindarin, mal sina sanwenya. Does it mean: Quenya
      is better (I know lá means "no, not" but it doesn't make sence in
      this context) Sindarin, but this is my thought? Thanks in advance for
      your comments.

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