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134fifiirula var envinyanta?

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  • Ales Bican
    Jun 22, 2001
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      Aiya nildor ar nilder,

      aiquen sinome? Firne men sina? Sii iire haryalme Ainondo alta carma
      Quenya tengwesto (*)? Coirea Quenya var vanwa Quenya?

      (*) Aiquen ista malda quetta tan? Ainon, isiitielye Quenya
      esseo carmalyan?

      Ai, quettar, polilye quete men ammelda Quenya quettalya?

      Inya naa _laurea_; ammelde hlonyar nar 'l', 'r' ar 'a', ar ohlon
      'au' -- yee, melin Namaarie ar yesserya: _Ai laurie lantar lassi
      suurinen_! Ar elye?

      Alda (manan ilquen halda?)

      at. Aiquen ahlaarie vinya linde Rindanen estaina 'Alassea cilya
      (Mine naa faarea)'? Vanima linde, anwa? Yee, yee, sina lelya
      Quenderin lambellon pella nan...
      A tyave yando lindesse 'An hehtanyel' Taltaron!

      **Merin melme var qualme, tana ta. (Matilda, _Leon: Canta Quenta_)


      Hello my friends [mas. + fem.],

      [is] anyone here? This place died? Now when we have Helge's
      great [covering both sences] work about Quenya grammar (*)?
      Living Quenya or dead Quenya?
      [*_carma_ "work, something made", cf. _parma_ "book, something
      composed"; _var_ "or", from Qenyaqetsa, might be invalid]

      (*) [Does] anyone know better word for it [sc. for 'course']?
      Helge, have you thought about a Quenya name for your work?
      [_malda_ "better", see last Tyalie Tyelellieeva; *_isiitie_
      "have known"]

      Hm, words, can you tell us your most beloved [sc. 'favorite']
      Quenya word?

      Mine is _laurea_ [= 'golden']; my most beloved sounds are 'l'
      and 'a', and diphtong 'au' -- yeah, I like Namaarie and its
      beginning: _Ai laurie lantar lassi suurinen_! And you?
      [*_inya_ "mine"]

      Ales (why [is] everyone hidden?)
      [*_manan_ "why, for what [reason]"]

      ps. Has anyone heard the new song by Orbital called 'Funny break
      (One is enough)'? A beautiful song, is it not? Ok, ok, this goes
      from beyond the Elvish languages but...
      Taste/try also the album 'Since I left you' by The Avalanches!
      [at. = _apa tecina_ "post scriptum"; I used _Rinda_ "circular",
      no better word; _yando_ "also" from QQ, might be invalid;
      *_lindesse_ "album, collection of songs"; I used nominalized
      _talta_ "slide down" for "avalanche"]

      **I want love or death, that's it. (Mathilda, _Léon: Version Intégrale_)
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