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133Re: [quenya] A first try a Quenya

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  • Lisa Star
    Jan 16, 2001
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      >From: alak_leafblower@...
      >Subject: [quenya] A first try a Quenya
      >Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 18:28:03 -0000

      **you might do better by sending this to the elfling list. This list
      (Quenya) is for speaking *in* Quenya.

      >I'm new to this group, so I wanted to introduce myself with a
      >translation that I made from LotR. It is the hymn to Elbereth
      >Gilthoniel starting with "Snow-white! Snow-white! O Lady clear!"
      >It is a first attempt at Quenya, so please correct any mistakes you
      >may find.
      >Niwispan! Niwispan! A Kher anpoy!
      > A t� tel�s i ay�ri nd�iva!
      >A K�l emmin ranir
      > ��ssen galadiva lanna!

      **Um, words that begin with g and nd don't normally occur in Quenya. The
      word for lady in Quenya is just heeri. (the double e marks an e with an
      accent, this convention is used on email lists because many people will see
      your diacrits as a jumble).

      >Gilthoniel! A Elbereth!

      **these names are attested as Tintalle Varda in Quenya. I think I'll just
      stop. I don't know where you got anpoy.

      ** Lisa Star
      ** LisaStar@...
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