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129Re: [quenya] [Fwd: A Tyalie]

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  • Ales Bican
    Dec 10, 2000
      Nathan tence:

      > Quentero, "Sii utuulien luumenn' omentielvo, sinome Oiolosseo, tienen et i
      > nuumellon Endoreo: imbe voronde oronti, ter i eressie neni lingwiloocion, o
      > undu pirucendie eleni mii hiise iluuve."

      > He said, "Now I have come to the hour of our meeting, here on Mount
      > Everwhite, over paths from the lands of Middle Earth: between steadfast
      > mountains, through the lonely waters of sea-sepents, and beneath gently
      > whirling stars in the misty universe."

      **"here on Mt. Everwhite" _sinome Oiolossesse_ (looks a bit
      strange...) rather than _sinome Oiolosseo_.
      _tienen_ would be the instrumental "by/with a path", precisely
      "over paths" would be _or tier_. [A "puzzle" for everyone:
      how would instr. pl. of _tie_ look like? Apparently not
      _tieinen_ or yes?]
      Rather _Endooreo_ instead of _Endoreo_.
      _o undu_ "and under", you meant _ar undu_? But it contains an a,
      but "and" could be omitted.
      _pirucendie_, sg. _pirucendea_ is of course Qenya form.

      Anyway, it is cool! I will certainly add it (just tell me
      your opinion about the comments). Who will beat you?

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