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1147Re: could you give me some advice

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  • faer_edhel24816
    Oct 21, 2003
      --- In quenya@yahoogroups.com, Carolyn NoonN <faer_edhel24816@y...>
      To Thomas Ferencz

      Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo

      I dont think so. Hello anyway,

      Further to what I have said below when I make an error (and this
      looks like a biggi). I am more than happy to be corrected but not in
      the manner you did. It is very important (particularly to new
      people) to post correct information. This has taught me not to rely
      on my memory even when i think i remember correctly. In future i will
      check first.

      As your've probably surmised(from my name among other things) i am
      also learning Sindarin and this is where i made the mistake
      (obviously atleast to you). Navaer(Sind) is farwell in Sindarin. I
      stand corrected.

      I resepectfully suggest that in future should you find such a thing
      again, gently point out the error to the person concerned and give
      them some guidance on fixing it. I re-iterate the importance of
      learning correctly. Anyway enough said.


      > Instead of being clever tell me whats wrong so i can fix it. After
      all this is brand new field for me, im just starting to study the
      language and email and posting all computer stuff is brand new to me
      too. I would appreciate constructive coments rather than ricicule.
      I thought the idea of this group was mutal help.
      > Faer-Edhel
      > Atwe <percival64@y...> wrote:
      > --- faer_edhel24816
      > wrote:
      > > Navaer Sweetoffee
      > This greeting is funny on a Quenya list...
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      > Thomas Ferencz
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