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Queer Pagan Beltane Camp Shropshire

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  • paul
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/qpc/ QPC Beltane 2005 The 4th Queer Pagan Beltane Camp will take place at a site run by Earthworm, at
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      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/qpc/                           QPC Beltane 2005


      The 4th Queer Pagan Beltane Camp will take place at a site run by Earthworm, at Leintwardine near Craven Arms, Shropshire


      Dates: Wednesday 18th May (arriving after midday ) - Monday 23rd May.


      Queer Pagan Camp grew out of the experiences of people being  marginalised by wider society and other pagan or spiritual groups based on stereotypes of sexual identities and gender preferences The first principal of Queer Paganism is respect for each other, ourselves, the Spirits and the Land and we work on the basis of self-identification


      WHY QUEER ?

      Queer because we  welcome the exploration and identity of different genders and sexualities including; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered , transsexual, funky hetero bunnies, celibate, butches, femmes, drag queens, drag kings and deviant shape shifters of all forms.  We positively revel in difference!

      WHY PAGAN?

      Pagan because we are shamans, witches and faery workers, druids, magicians, chaos workers and other pagans with earth honouring spirituality. If you want to find out more about paganism and whether it could be your way, if you are a practising pagan or if you feel you have lost your connection you will be welcome here.

      Queer Paganism because we communicate directly with spirits, nature, ancestors, Gods, Goddesses or other divinities. We do not need mediators.  We work consensually to create rituals. We do not need hierarchies.  We welcome spirits and work with them.  We do not command them.  We share knowledge of different traditions and we create new ways of working.  Stirring the cauldron of gender we are not limited by gender-based magical working. We believe we can all work with spiritual power, that we all can be our own healers, celebrants and guides.


      So, what�s the camp???


      The camp is an opportunity for us to meet and celebrate together. It runs for 6 days and is set in a beautiful rural location. There will be the opportunities to give and attend workshops, drum and dance, network, create new rituals and learn from each other. The day to day running of the camp is decided consensually at the Morning Meeting.



      Accommodation is your tent, bender or tipi.  There will be an indoor space and a dome for workshops and meetings. There will be the usual low tech, low temperature showers on site but hot water will be available, loos are compost toilets.  Wood will be available for fires, but please use in moderation.

      PLEASE NOTE: sorry but no dogs are allowed on the land.



      Food will be provided on a pay per meal basis through a cafe run by Earthworm.  The food will be vegan, and generally organic.  An evening meal will cost around �3 - �4. Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day. Campers will be expected to wash up their own plates/cups.  There will be no facilities to cook your own meals.   

                                      Please do not bring any meat onto the site.




      Workshops are facilitated by any of us, and are unpaid. Is there anything you want to share with others? Or have a special interest in? How about:  Trance dance and drumming; Chant; Working with Faery; Shamanic journeying; Non-hierarchical witchcraft; Introduction to paganism; Eco-magic; Women�s Mysteries; Men�s Mysteries; Mixed Mysteries; Non-gendered Mysteries�.. .

      Glad rags & Fun

      Do you have dresses, hats, gloves, make-up & body-paint, shoes, moustaches, false eyelashes, glitzy rags for a dressing up box? Bring them along. Do you have a particular skill you would like to share or perform. How about fire juggling or floor singing? Bring your drums, musical instruments, percussion, plus anything else you are happy for others to use. There will be a camp communal fire each evening and the opportunity to play, tell stories, sing, perform or dream.


      There will be an opening and closing ritual and other rituals as and when people want them. Please bring your robes, rattles, masks, incenses, sacred objects, candles, wands etc



      Children are very welcome, however children remain the responsibility of their parents.



      Camping will be in a flat field, however there are some rabbit holes here which may be a hazard for visually impaired or other disabled people.


      Practical involvement

      The camp doesn�t have paid organisers or workshop leaders - everyone at the camp - like you - has paid to be there.  Your involvement is needed for the running camp on a practical level so we can all have a good time.  It�s also a good way to meet people, exercise your talents and be appreciated!  Help is needed with: site maintenance, health & safety, welcoming people at the gate, children�s activities etc.  Please tick at least one of the boxes on the booking form to let us know what you�re able to help with. 




      The number of people we can have on the land is limited - and interest in the camp is growing - so booking is essential if you want to be there.  Please fill in the attached booking form and return it with payment as soon as you can.  Once you�ve booked you�ll be sent a ticket and more info including where it is, how to get there, what to bring, etc.  The last date of booking is 12th May.


      Please note:

      Your ticket enrols you as a member of the �QPC Club� and entitles you to attend the QPC camp, from 18-23rd May 2005 .  QPC is a non-profit-making camp. Members are responsible for themselves, their children and their belongings at all times. As a private club we have no public liability insurance.  Nobody organising the camp can therefore take responsibility for any loss / damage / injury to persons or property during the camp, in the days leading up to it, or following it.


      Right to cancel

      Any cancellations before May 12th will incur an admin fee of 10%. Cancellations after May 12th 2005 are non-returnable.  QPC reserves the right to cancel any event it organises. In the case of the cancellation of the camp your payment (deposit or full payment) will be reimbursed to you, minus our admin costs (postage etc.).

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