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      Date: Oct 3, 2006 4:54 PM
      Subject: [SocietyofTwoSpiritedOrisaPractitioners] Gay Spiritual Egypt: Gay Astrology
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      Gay Egyptian Shaman reveals our time is rising.
      The great pyramid of Egypt serves many powerful spiritual and mystical purposes.  Primary of these is its calendrical properties.  It is a giant star clock, a vast stellar sundial of sorts.   We take telling time for granted in the modern age, because all we have to do is look at a clock.  It was much more difficult to tell time in the ancient days.  They had to watch the movements of sun, moon, and stars to know when to harvest, to plant, to time rituals, and to unify social activities.   In fact, the word temple comes from the Latin "tempus" meaning time.  Temples were places where the timing of the cycles of stars and planets were monitored, recorded, and encoded as rituals to the Gods in the sky.  
      It was found that certain things happened and recurred to the people, their behavior, the empire, the land, and the climate at certain cycles and frequencies.  Rulers learned that it was easier to rule if they had a heads-up on what was coming.   Thus the need and development of a calendar—a tool of prediction and ordering.
      The zodiac is a giant star clock made up, like our modern clocks, of 12 segments called signs or constellations.  Our modern clock has only three hands—an hour, minute, and seconds hand.   The Egyptians had a 4th hand of sorts, a cosmic hand.  The Sunrise Vernal Equinox (approx. March 21 every year) was the cosmic hand on the clock, the yearly solar cycle was the hour hand, the monthly cycle was the minute hand, and the daily cycle was the seconds hand.   We will focus on the cosmic hand to show that the rise of Gay people is inevitable and on the spiritual and social horizon.
      There are 360 degrees in the zodiac circle, which is divided into 12 slices or signs of 30 degrees each.  A sign moves 1 degree every 72 years (i.e., a generation) to cross the Vernal Equinox point.   Therefore, it takes 2160 years for a sign to cross this same vernal point (72 x 30 = 2160).  It takes 25,960 years for all 12 signs to cross this vernal point (2160 x 12 = 25,960).  The cosmic hand tells us the zeitgeist or age we are in—the Age of Pisces, the Age of Aquarius, etc.  An age lasts for 2160 years.
      As the calendar is a clock of human and terrestrial history, let's take a look at the Ages of time, using sidereal (stellar) calculations, the same basic calculation used by both the Ancient Egyptians and NASA:
      The Age of Virgo = 12,772-10617 B.C.—Virgo is shown as a fertile woman holding a shaft of wheat, and history proves that it was around this time that man, in Africa, first domesticated grasses into grains and cereals, a huge and pivotal feat in the history of human culture because now the masses could be fed allowing them to spend more time on thought, culture, and art and less time on hunting and food gathering.
      The Age of Leo = 10,617-8,642 B.C.—In the Egyptian Denderah zodiac, Leo is shown as a lion in a boat.  History clocks this time as the time of great floods due to the polar caps melting.   This link between Leo and floods is preserved in the design of many ancient fountain spouts as the head of a lion spewing forth water.
      The Age of Cancer = 8,462-6,307B.C.—Cancer is a prime water sign, shown in the Egyptian zodiac as Khepera, the dung beetle, a creature that seems to be able to intuit the height of the Nile so as to be able to lay its eggs close to but far away enough from the river so that its eggs do not drown.   This creature became the symbol of survival of the floods and the discovery of how to harness the power of its waters for greater irrigation and survival.
      The Age of Gemini = 6,307-4,152 B.C.—Gemini is the sign of twins, and this is the time in which the Egyptians established for the first time a dual kingship system, where the ruler of the North and the ruler of the south alternated control of the throne.
      The Age of Taurus = 4,152-1,955 B.C.—Taurus, the earth sign, is the age in which the mastery over masonry and stone—earth—reached its climax in the building of the pyramids.   It was also during this age of the bull that many pharaohs annexed the bull God's name of Montu as one of their royal strong names.
      The Age of Aries = 1,955-221 A.D.—During this time of Aries the war God, we see the greatest rise in military expansion and military development in history throughout the ancient world.
      The Age of Pisces = 221-Present—Pisces, the sign of binding, religion, and undoing, marked the rise of Holy Roman Empire, the closing of all of the ancient temples, the Dark Ages, the Holy Crusades, witch burning, papal sanctioned slavery, and great plagues.
      Which brings us to the next age, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Two-Spirits and the Age of Gay Power:
      The Age of Aquarius = 2,367-4,531 A.D.—Shown in the Egyptian zodiac as the androgynous, breasted, pregnant male God of the Nile, Hapi.  The Greeks show this sign as Ganymede, the Gay water bearer of Zeus.   Imagine that, a Gay, androgynous star constellation!  This means that the archetype of Gayness will receive its celestial energy to dominate the consciousness of the human psyche.  Our time is come.  The Gay waters are rising.  What are the powers of Aquarius?
      Wealth for all
      Information available for all—and not just the elite
      Within the 30 degrees of Aquarius are 3 decans or mini-constellations made up of 10 degrees each.  They are the Southern Fish, Pegasus, and Cygnus the Swan.   These 3 clusters also reveal the powers of the times and of Gays that are on the rise.  The Southern Fish represents mystical power and movement through the astral waters of the spirit.  Pegasus is the winged horse of Perseus.  Pegasus represents the knowledge that will inspire leaders to rise above ego and to focus on saving the suffering masses (represented by Andromeda chained to the rock—all shown in the movie "Clash of the Titans."   The rock is the rock of despair and suffering and the Kraken represents cruel and unjust leaders and doctrines trying to go after the innocent and righteous—Andromeda).  Cygnus, the swan, represents flight to the realms of spirituality, peace, and beauty.    
      The moral of the this celestial clock story is that everyone and everything has its time under the Sun.  When the stars of a thing rise, so, too, shall that thing rise.   We are on the cusp, the edge, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  We are feeling its approaching light.  It will be another 370 years before the Age of Gay Power fully takes root (for now 5 degrees Pisces rises at the Spring Equinox, moving 1 degree backwards every 72 years), be we can see the rise of this energy in our lifetimes.   We Gay mystics of this time have chosen to be the initiators and the welcomers of the Gay Age.  We are here to lay the foundations and to till the soil so that the Gay mystics who are destined to be born when Aquarius arrives will have the Gay infrastructure needed to fulfill their destinies and promises to those stars.   We are the front infantry, the Gay warriors who must clear the field and cut through the forest of oppression and intolerance.  We may not live to see the fruit of our fight and struggle, but that doesn't matter.   As long as our work and efforts makes it easier for the next generation of Gay people, than our work shall be done.
      May you shine and twinkle with the brilliance of the stars that you truly are.
      May the Rainbow cover the worlds
      May all be at peace.

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