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Queen of Caps is Open again!

The site is open again for a little while. The colour options have been reduced temporarily, though, so please look up the colours before you order them.
Queen of Caps
May 31, 2007

Announcement from the Website

Thanks for being here in the group to get website updates. As you may have noticed on the website, I am not taking new orders right now. However, I figure I
Queen of Caps
May 5, 2007

Newsletter for June 17, 2006! Contests, updates, and more!

Hello mail list recipients. Its finally time for another update. Let's see how an index will work: 1. News. 2. Gaia Guild 3. Contest! 4. Promote! News:
Queen of Caps
Jun 17, 2006

Announcement/News: Fanime!

Just in case you haven't been checking on the site (which is reasonable, seeing as I don't update the most often), I have a special section for Fanime put up:
Queen of Caps
May 19, 2006

Queen of Caps on EBAY!

http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZluckinspadesQQhtZ-1 There we go. I have 7 hats up on ebay right now. They are pre-made, and cost the same as the site hats,
Queen of Caps
Jan 3, 2006

A BUNCH of hats for sale in the Sale Section!!

Custom sent to YOUR inbox, check out the large list of hats for sale. queenofcaps.com/sale.htm Most hats are priced at $16 each (shipping not included), doll
Queen of Caps
Dec 22, 2005

Queen of Caps is now on myspace!

That's right. I have resorted to it. Please check it out http://www.myspace.com/queenofcapshats Please make me a part of your friends list so it may be
Queen of Caps
Dec 15, 2005

Small error

I was searching through the hats, contemplating begging for one for Christmas (since there's no Christmas in my house I should really work hard on begging)when
Nov 30, 2005

News update for Nov 26, '05

Hello again! Its time for another news update for Queen of Caps! In the store, I have a new design ready for buying! Its modeled after the Catscratch hat of
Queen of Caps
Nov 26, 2005

News for Wed, Nov 9th and Nov 6th!!

Sunday, Nov 6th: Added a holiday notice that I just couldn't make into an auto popup. It is linked to the left, below the "home" link. ALL HOLIDAY SHOPPERS
Nov 10, 2005

Re: Disgustingly Awesome

So glad you like them! If you check back around the 10th or so, some might be on sale that are leftover from the convention =) And I am pondering contests.
Oct 2, 2005

Disgustingly Awesome

Your hats are like, super-de-dooper awesome! I plan on ordering one as soon as I collect enough funds -_-
Oct 2, 2005

Re: OMFG Hat

Unfortunately, I doubt you'd find too many people who have it here, especially. Cause... there's only 16 people here. I think I have only made a total of
Sep 30, 2005


Hi! o_o; I was thinking about maybe buying a Gaia OMFG hat and I was just wondering if anyone has pictures of it being worn. I don't think the picture on the
Laurie Kuhn
Sep 30, 2005

New poll for queenofcaps

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the queenofcaps group: What is your favourite hat featured on Queen of Caps? o OMG o Panda o Kitty (all
Sep 28, 2005
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