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569an invitation for serious genealogists!

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  • Pat
    Sep 3, 2007
      Hi all ~ I see you are also getting spammed like many other groups I belonged to. I join different groups in different places where my rellies ended up, and see this same kind of spam...and worse...in most of them.

      Here is a link for a good PA site I belong to:

      P.A., the group owner, does not allow spam, and helps her members. And other members also help. She has members from all over...AL, GA, WV, CA, NY, WY, NC, VA, SC, TX, UT, IL, IN, to name a few states, plus from Canada, England, Germany and a few other countries.

      She has about 500 FREE links to military, newspapers, cemeteries, historical societies, ethnic groups, Native Americans, other countries like Ireland, ...just too many to mention.

      If you decide to join, I know she used to send out an e-mail for you to reply to. I know she did when I joined, and prob'ly still does, so BE SURE TO REPLY to it. Check it out!

      Be a better Heartthrob. Get better relationship answers from someone who knows.
      Yahoo! Answers - Check it out.

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