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268BEEDE Surname DNA Project Started

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  • Mark T. Beedy
    Dec 18, 2005
      As the BEEDE Surname DNA Project administrator, I would like to
      encourage any BEEDE surnamed male in Quebec or any Canadian Province
      to join our research project. We are seeking males with the surname
      of BEEDE or its variations; including BEDEE, BEDE, BEEDY, BEADY.
      Please check our website at http://beede-dna.com Any questions can be
      directed to me. Our goal is to identify where the surname originates
      and how dispersed it has become. Genetics is the genealogy of the
      future and you have a chance to participate in this "pioneering" area
      of genealogy.
      Thank you.
      Mark T. Beedy
      BEEDE Surname DNA Project