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BG Secondary School League 2003

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    Trinidad Express Sports Magazine - Week of Sept. 5th, 2003 Watch QRC http://trinidadexpress.com/expresssport.asp?mylink
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      Trinidad Express Sports Magazine - Week of Sept. 5th, 2003
      "Watch QRC"

      Trinidad Guardian 2003-09-05
      "Tigers blank QRC 2-0"

      Despite the denegrating Guardian article on our opening game, QRC's
      senior team performed creditably. The team did have trouble in the
      first half of the game handling the St. Anthony's 5-man midfield, but
      matters evened out early in the second half of the game as QRC's
      better physical fitness began to show itself. However, in the press
      for the win, a defensive blunder lead to goal number one. Shortly
      thereafter, the second goal was scored while the defense was unsettled
      and out of the keeper/captain's control. As a former keeper who
      watched the match with me indicated, the team seemed to have lost
      sight of the fact that points are still awarded for a drawer. But I
      guess there was a general hunger to beat a team like St. Anthony's,
      especially after their coach indicated in print that once they get
      part QRC, their work would be over.

      The article made no mention of the fact that on at least two or three
      occasions the young striker Kyle McIvor gently toe-tapped balls
      goalward from within the 18-yard box with the keeper beaten, he
      seeming surprised that he was all alone on the ball. Sadly, the ball
      would dribble so slowly that there was time enough for defenders to
      run back and clear the ball off the line.

      Truly, the scoreline should have been reversed. A hungrier striker -
      I understand that one was in fact on the bench until the last 10
      minutes - would have assured that the opportunities presented the
      young McIvor and others were blasted into the back of the net. It is
      to be confirmed, but I understand that the young man in question, one
      "Simba", has only just returned to the country, and the coach is not
      one to start a supposed star ahead of someone who's trained with the
      team since June.

      I believe though that we now have St. Anthony's number, and they
      should not be beating us in the second round.

      I will not be able to attend the game against Malick this afternoon -
      a team that I understand has it in St. Anthony's and for us this
      year. How privileged we are to have their love! Hopefully though
      someone else who attended will be able to provide a similar wrap-up,
      without the press' traditionally jaded view of our august institution.
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