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Re: For those of you who might know/remember him - Older members of the group...

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  • alleng_g
    Bill, The web is a dangerous place as everything is on it and no one can hide. I found Winston s website: http://www.physics.fsu.edu/users/roberts/default.htm
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2007
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      The web is a dangerous place as everything is on it and no one can
      hide. I found Winston's website:
      Also, some of us not in our late forties or early fifties (I am still
      resisting but it looks like it is a futile effort and I will get
      there) would also remember Winston (with a lot more hair).

      --- In qrc@yahoogroups.com, Bill Carter <theqprin@...> wrote:
      > During my recent travel in the US, I made contact with Dr. Winston
      Roberts, well-known to the age-group who are in their late forties or
      early fifties...he has done/is doing very well professionally as an
      academic and this is the latest accolade he has gathered..
      > Winston's e-mail is <wroberts@...> - he is at Florida State
      > <Bill,
      > I thought you'd be interested in this (I just got news of it today)
      > "Dr. Mark Riley, chair of the Physics Department, has just been
      > that Dr. Winston Roberts has been awarded Fellowship in the American
      > Physical Society. As you may know, election to Fellowship in the
      > American Physical Society is limited to no more than one half of one
      > percent of the membership. Election to APS Fellowship is
      recognition by
      > your peers of your outstanding contributions to physics.
      > The citation reads as follows:
      > "For significant contributions to hardon physics using models
      of QCD
      > as well as effective field theories and phenomonological
      > Lagrangians, for the development of polarization observables on
      > photoproduced three- body final states, and for continued
      > to the nuclear science community." >
      > Kenrick and the exec of the OBA, I am sure some formal
      congratulation is in order.
      > BILL
      > PS I am sure that many (of us) in that age-group are quite keen on
      the branch of physics mentioned!!! hahahahahaha [Please don't
      inundate Winston with e-mails..he is a very busy man!!!]
      > ---------------------------------
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