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Take back TnT...Please

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  • Jason Rudder
    ... the rich they ll have to do something... doh worry i nuh sayin fire fuh Great Fete and Carnival, i sayin NO CLUBS... trini ppl like to party so this
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3 10:09 AM

      >>>Ok hear the scene i tryin to organise a small protest in order to
      >>>change the crime situation in TnT... Basically, i callin for a
      >>>boycott of all Clubs in trinidad... we know the gov't doh listen
      >>>to poor ppl so if we stop feeding
      the rich they'll have to do
      >>>something... doh worry i nuh sayin fire fuh Great Fete and
      >>>Carnival, i sayin NO CLUBS... trini ppl like to party so this
      >>>would be a good way to show we eh takin the shit that they feedin
      >>>us daily... they can;t survive without us ppl, open your eyes and
      >>>see that....we have the power...
      >>>below is a lil explanation of the reason why i callin for drastic
      >>>measure such as this... you can chose to support or continue doing
      >>>nothing and watch as TnT degenerates. the choice is yours.
      >>>so as we all know the situation in Trinidad is synonymous to a big
      >>>pile of horse shit.
      >>>the government is doing nothing except trying to point
      fingers at
      >>>ppl for past crimes and they refuse to address the current
      >>>situation with any form of seriousness, while the people of this
      >>>country continue about their lives as normal. Drinking, limin,
      >>>doin what all Trinis do, and when we see another murder, we steups
      >>>and turn to the comics.
      >>>we are in the month of April guys, and ther have been over 100
      >>>murders for the year. Including the terrible instance of one Sean
      >>>Luke. now it's all nice to wear black and say that the nation is
      >>>in mourning over his death but what are we doing really? i mean,
      >>>what do all these gestures mean?
      >>>ppl say it's the first step in a right direction. "raising
      >>>what? so we doh know how fucked up the country is? all you need to
      >>>do is walk down Frederick Street and you'll see. it is depressing.
      >>>how many of us can confidently say that we feel safe when we walk
      >>>down town if at all we can say that we indeed walk downtown.
      >>>To my QRC, Convent, Fatima, HNC, all past pupils from a school in
      >>>town or near town. remember when we used to walk down to town
      >>>after school and lime a lil bit before we actually go home or go
      >>>to lessons?
      >>>My SACC lessons crew, remember when we used to lime on the Bus
      >>>Route after class til like 6 or 7 in the night and if we leave
      >>>"early" we used to stop in Curepe (those who goin west or
      >>>and buy doubles? Can you actually see that happening now?
      >>>what about goin Tsunami and Base and shit, we used to lime before
      >>>and after in the car park before we go inside and flex on rel gyal
      >>>without even studyin bout a man ready to fight and stab or shoot
      >>>yuh ass.
      >>>Basically what i tryin to say is RIGHT NOW THE SITUATION IS DAMN
      >>>SHIT. and rel man if they chose to read this will agree and den
      >>>forget about it in approximately 15secs. why? cuz nobody cares
      >>>enough. as long as Baby Cham in Zen and Tsunami still have free
      >>>premiums on Fridays we cool. ENT?
      >>>WAKE UP!!! how long would it take for Trinidad to come to the
      >>>state where we cah even go Zen or any
      club for that matter? and
      >>>what are we doing about it? nothing.
      >>>we complain all the time and lament about the loss of this and
      >>>that and we do nothing. we fail to realise WE are the ones who can
      >>>make the difference. WE have the power. it is pur choice to stand
      >>>up and do something or wait for someone else to do something for
      >>>us....(which is exactly what we are doin)
      >>>I am fed us of doing nothing. Sooner or later it's gonna hit home
      >>>and i will not be responsible for my actions. It has already
      >>>hitclose to home and i don't wish for it to get any closer.
      >>>for me, i am making a stand. it maybe is gonna be by myself but i
      >>>am not goin to sit down and wait or anything to happen cuz
      by that
      >>>time we will be looking at the Express and seeing Februrary 26th,
      >>>400murders...rel ppl will think i talkin shit but i prefer to
      >>>stand up and say hey, i tried.
      >>>you can choose to stand by me or keep doing nothing. the most i
      >>>can do is fail, but then again u can't fail a people who are
      >>>already lost.
      >>>Wake up TNT, it's time to do something. Please.
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