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Cancer, Qi, and Qigong Therapy: Seeking Research Collaboration

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  • Moren M.
    The Cause of Cancer and Therapy: A New Perspective By Moren Miao Nowadays, cancer is still a disease that cannot be healed completely through a conventional
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      The Cause of Cancer and Therapy: A New Perspective

      By Moren Miao

      Nowadays, cancer is still a disease that cannot be healed completely
      through a conventional medical treatment. The reason is that people
      haven¡¯t found the real origin of cancer. Here, I explain cancer in a
      new perspective, and introduce the new way to treat cancer.

      Two Causes of Diseases

      According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, inside the
      body, there is a network of main and collateral channels of paths
      (Jing-luo). A kind of matter flows inside these channels, it is
      called Yuan-Qi or Qi in Chinese, literally means original and primary
      gas, ancient Chinese believe it is the source of vitality. The Qi
      plays a very important role in the course of life. Smooth and
      unobstructed of the channels is the precondition of healthiness,
      because it¡¯s the precondition that Qi can flow freely inside it.

      According to the traditional Chinese medicine, there are two types of
      the origins of illness, one is that the Qi is first destroyed, and
      then the flesh is destroyed, i.e. Qi wounds flesh (QWF); another type
      is that the flesh is first destroyed, then the corresponding Qi is
      destroyed, i.e. flesh wounds Qi (FWQ). (This viewpoint is expressed
      in the ancient Chinese book: The Medical Classic of the Yellow

      The Qi not only exists in human body, it exists in all creatures,
      including animals.

      When an organism died, the body rotted soon, but the Qi inside the
      body can separate from the body and survive independently for a
      period, it contains energy and matter.

      Once the survived Qi of the dead organisms comes into people¡¯s body,
      the invaded Qi will block his body¡¯s network channels, the Qi of
      himself can no longer flow freely. If the invaded Qi is very weak,
      its structure will be destroyed and its energy and matter will be
      absorbed by the body soon, so it cannot do harm to the body; but, if
      the invaded Qi is not very weak, it will remain there and block the
      channels, at the beginning, people may feel pain, numbness, tired or
      petulant, after some time, the body will fall ill. According to
      traditional Chinese medicine theory, Qi is the leading power of blood
      circulation, if Qi cannot flow freely, blood cannot flow freely
      either, so the immunity of the body decreased, the probability to
      catch diseases increased

      The Cause of Cancer

      Cancer is the typical illness of QWF, caused by the invasion of the
      survived Qi. The invaded Qi has its own structure and power, it is
      not compatible with the structure of the body, it imposes an extra
      force on the genes in the cell nucleolus, this extra force can cause
      gene mutation, thus, the normal cells turn to cancer cells.

      Of course, toxins and other factors can also cause cancer, but they
      cannot explain all. The reason why people live in a very similar
      environment and similar diet have different probability to catch
      cancer can be explained by the invaded Qi. The role of toxins maybe
      is mainly to decrease the immunity of the body, so when the Qi
      invaded, the body's anti ability reduced, and more easily to fall

      Nowadays, the chemotherapy and the radiation are usually used to deal
      with cancer. The chemicals and the rays can only kill some cancer
      cells, but they can do nothing to the invaded Qi, which causes the
      cancer. Although some cancer cells are killed by chemicals or rays,
      but the force that turns the normal cells to cancer cells is still
      exist. Under the force of the invaded Qi, the normal cells become
      cancer cells continuously. This is the reason why the chemotherapy
      and the radiation cannot defeat cancer from the root.

      An Experiment of Qi

      People have got some evidences of the existence of Qi and its effect
      to change the structure of gene. In the first quarter of 1987, the
      High Energy Physics Institute of China Academy of Sciences did an
      experiment. A Qigong practicer (Yan Xin) emit Qi to the solution of
      DNA of calf thymus, after that, the absorbed value of characteristic
      ultraviolet radiation of 257nm is significantly increased than the
      control group, this means that the DNA¡¯s double helix structure is
      destroyed, some hydrogen bonds are broken (Li Tipei, 2000). From this
      result of the experiment, we can presume that the invaded Qi can
      cause the gene mutation inside the body and incur cancer.

      What Is Qi?

      Though people know little about Qi from the perspective of
      experimental sciences, but we know some characteristics of it, such
      as it has no weight or very little weight, it is transparent, cannot
      be seen by eye or detected by any existing equipments, can pass
      through ordinary matter freely, rarely interact with ordinary matter.
      From some characteristics of Qi, we can infer what it may be. I think
      it is a kind of or a few kinds of very microcosmic matter, even more
      microcosmic than the discovered elementary particles.

      It may be a kind or kinds of ¡°dark matter¡± (or dark energy), about
      which some particle physicists and astronomers are studying. Some
      scientists believe in that the dark mater is tiny non-baryonic
      particles, some kinds of neutrino. They call it the WIMPs (Weakly
      Interacting Massive Particles). As some scientist described (David M.
      Wittman, 2000), the characteristics of the proposed dark matter are
      very in conformity with the characteristics of Qi, so we have reason
      to infer that Qi may be dark matter.

      In the ancient Chinese classic of Taoism, a kind of matter is
      assumed, it was called Tao. Tao is described as no color, no odor, no
      shape and no sound. Tao full of the universe, it exists before
      everything and everything is formed by it (Laozi, 2000). The Greek
      Milesian School philosopher Anaximander has a similar idea (John
      Burnet, 1920). I assume that the Tao is just a kind of dark matter,
      also the Qi.

      Of course, what is Qi on earth, the final answer will only comes from
      the discovery of physics. The day may be very near, but may also very

      What Is Not Qi?

      For people have many different explanations of Qi, some of them are
      misleading, so it is necessary to say something about what is not Qi.

      1. Psychological effect is not Qi. I had experienced the external Qi
      other Qigong master emitted to me without informing me beforehand,
      and I can also let others feel my external Qi without informing him

      2. Field is not Qi. Some people think Qi is a kind of field, this is
      wrong. For field cannot exist independently, such as magnetic field
      depends on the magnet, electric field depends on electrons, gravity
      field depends on the mass of matter. But Qi, instead, can exist
      independently, so Qi is not field, but Qi may cause a filed.

      3. Infrared is not Qi. Some people explain Qi by infrared, this is
      not true. For infrared is only a form of energy, a kind of rays, it
      cannot form a complicated structure, and cannot exist statically. But
      Qi can, so Qi is not infrared.

      4. Pure information is not Qi. Information cannot exist without any
      carrier, all information transfer must depend on some kind of
      carrier. Qi may contains some information, but it cannot be the pure
      information without any material carrier, so Qi is a kind of positive

      The Ways to Heal Cancer

      Because caner is caused by the invasion of survived Qi from outside,
      medicines can do little to the survived Qi, but there are some ways
      to deal with it. If these ways combined with conventional therapy,
      most cancer may be healed completely.

      The first way is that some experienced Qigong practicers use their
      power to help the cancer patient, to destroy and clean the invaded Qi
      inside the patient¡¯s body, then the cancer may be defeated. But for
      most Qigong practitioners, the method they usually use to cure is to
      emit Qi to the patient, this power is limited and the effect may not
      very well. But if the practitioners use their mental power let the
      invaded Qi out of the patient¡¯s body, the effect will be very

      The second way is to do the mental exercise of Qigong or Yoga by the
      patients themselves, they can use their mental power to let the Qi in
      the cancer position emit out of his body, or move to other part of
      his body, if his mental power is strong enough, it can destroy the
      invaded Qi, cancer may be healed. But, for a new practicer, the power
      usually increases slowly, and the effect may not very significant.

      The third way is that, if the patient has a religious belief, he can
      pray with imagination, while praying, imagine god helping him cleaned
      his body with water, cleaned the invaded dirty Qi in his cancer
      position, then the cancer may be cured. But just as the second way,
      the patient¡¯s mental power may not strong enough to clean the
      invaded Qi.

      These ways can be used together.

      Conventional treatment is also necessary, for there are two aspects,
      Qi and the existing cancer cell. Qigong can solve the problem of Qi,
      but can do little directly to cancer cell. Drugs can kill cancer cell
      directly, but can do nothing to invaded Qi. So, if the two means
      combined together, most cancer can be cured completely.

      Seeking Collaboration

      In fact, I myself have practiced the exercise of Qigong since 1989.
      In 1994, my friend¡¯s mother caught leukemia, physicians thought no
      hope to be healed and at most can survive 2 months, she was 70 years
      old. Under the desperation, they agreed me to help her with Qigong.
      To the astonishing of both my friend and myself, she was healed after
      three weeks. Another case is in Oct. 2003, a 31 years old male,
      chronic leukemia of granular cells, after 3 days therapy (3 or 4
      hours a day), his situation is becoming much better (some criteria
      come down significantly in the test after 3 weeks of Qigong therapy,
      no recent message after I came to USA).

      Of course, these 2 cases may be only occasional, so I want to do more
      experiments. This is the purpose I came to the U.S. Because in China,
      especially during the recent four years, impacted by Fa-lun-gong, the
      social environment for doing such research became much worse, some
      scientists and officials regard Qigong as ¡°pseudoscience¡±, so it is
      difficult to do such research in China nowadays. Therefore, I try to
      find a chance to do such research and experiments in the U.S.

      If any medical researcher has interest in do this research, please
      contact me:
      Email: MorenEmail@...


      David M. Wittman, J. Anthony Tyson, David Kirkman, Ian Dell'Antonio,
      Gary Bernstein, 2000, Detection of weak gravitational lensing
      distortions of distant galaxies by cosmic dark matter at large
      scales, Nature, 405, 143¨C148.
      John Burnet, 1920, Early Greek Philosophy,
      http://plato.evansville.Edu/public/ burnet/ch1b.htm
      Laozi, 2000, The Classic of the Virtue of the Tao, 54, 65, 91, 110,
      Anhui People¡¯s Press (in Chinese).
      Li Tipei, 2000, The Significance Test of a Outer Qi Experiment, East
      Qigong, 6:6-8 (in Chinese).
      Ming Zhu (Translator), 2001, The Medical Classic of the Yellow
      Emperor, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 1st Edition.

      Email: MorenEmail@...
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